Friday Box Office: ‘All Eyez’ on Tupac Biopic Not ’47 Meters’ or ‘Rough Night’

Well, another unexpected series of flops this summer. I honestly don’t know what’s going on this summer with moviegoers. So far every comedy and every horror film has disappointed. Are we just tired of these genres? At this point, I’m thinking The House is going to open to like 2M or some bizarre shit. Audiences have ignored Snatched, Baywatch, and now Rough Night, making comedy a 3-3 string of flops. They’ve ignored every horror film, including Alien Covenant being a disappointment as well. However, they loved the poorly reviewed All Eyez On Me, which is smashing its expectations. Cars 3? Well, yeah, it’s the top film, but it’s also below both the first and second Cars, so don’t get too excited.

As far as cinemascores go, audiences are actually loving Cars 3, giving it an A, on par with the first installment, and a growth over the A- of the sequel. All Eyez On Me is resonating with audiences instead of critics, getting an A- cinemascore. Rough Night is not doing well with audiences, getting a C+ cinemascore, and 47 Meters Down is faring worse with a C cinemascore.

At Rotten Tomatoes, Cars 3 is also on top, with a 65%, followed by 47 Meters Down at 55%, Rough Night at 52%, and All Eyez On Me at 24%. That 24% is ahead of the 16% that The Mummy got and the 19% Baywatch got, so it is not the worst reviewed wide release this summer.

1) Cars 3- 19.6M Friday, 52M Projected Weekend
2) Wonder Woman- 10.8M Friday, 40M Projected Weekend
3) All Eyez On Me- 12.8M Friday, 31M Projected Weekend
4) The Mummy- 3.8M Friday, 13.5M Projected Weekend
5) 47 Meters Down- 4.3M Friday, 11M Projected Weekend
6) Rough Night- 3.3M Friday, 9M Projected Weekend
7) Pirates 5- 2.3M Friday, 8.5M Projected Weekend
8) Captain Underpants- 2.1M Friday, 7.5M Projected Weekend
9) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2- 1.2M Friday, 4.5M Projected Weekend
10) It Comes At Night- 0.8M Friday, 2.5M Projected Weekend
??) Megan Leavey- 0.6M Friday, 2M Projected Weekend
??) The Book Of Henry- 0.5M Friday, 1.5M Projected Weekend

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