Emmy Predictions: Limited Series/TV Movie

Limited Series:
Big Little Lies
The Night Of
American Crime
The Young Pope
Gilmore Girls
Shots Fired
American Horror Story: Roanoke

A tight category for sure. I think Emmy voters will definitely go for Feud and Big Little Lies. There’s enough love to keep Fargo going, and The Night Of should make it as well. For that last spot? I’m betting American Crime finally loses out to either The Young Pope or Genius. For my dollar, I’m going with The Young Pope because HBO knows how to get Emmy nominations.

My Predictions: Feud, Big Little Lies, The Night Of, Fargo, The Young Pope

TV Movie:
The Wizard Of Lies
Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Churchill’s Secret
Black Mirror
The Witness For The Prosecution
Wild Oats
Most Hated Woman In America

HBO gets at least two noms with The Wizard of Lies and Immortal Life. Sherlock is in. Churchill’s Secret is probably in. Is Black Mirror really a movie? Not a limited series? Seems sketchy to me. If voters aren’t confused, and vote for it, it should get in. If not, the fifth slot goes to Custody.

My Predictions: The Wizard Of Lies, Sherlock, Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Churchill’s Secret, Black Mirror

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