Box Office Predictions: How High Can ‘Ragnarok’ Go?

With Bad Moms Christmas kinda landing with a thud mid-week, it’s possible that even more people will choose the well-reviewed Thor: Ragnarok. I think the question is, where did the base line start for Thor: Ragnarok? The first Thor movie opened to 65M on its way to 181M (not quite a 3X multiplier, but very close), and the second opened at 85M and went on to 206M (not a 3X at all). The second film left a lot of fans wanting more from their Thor films, so could that hurt Ragnarok? I’ve seen projections as high as 125M for Ragnarok, which I think is hoping that the tonal shift toward comedy, plus the good reviews, and the addition of the Hulk, will push this film into new heights. However, I don’t think the base line for this film was 125M. I think the base was 100M, and we’re looking at maybe 110M now with a total lack of competition.

Bad Moms Christmas is already out, but is looking somewhere in the mid-teens, which is lower than the originals 23M opening weekend. However, with Wednesday and Thursday factored in, its possible that it could do 23M in 5 days. Still, I’m reminded of Horrible Bosses 2, and the lack of growth in the franchise. This is probably one film that didn’t need a sequel, and will be the film everyone points to when someone asks “why wasn’t there a Bridesmaids sequel?”

1) Thor: Ragnarok- 110M Weekend, 110M Total
2) A Bad Moms Christmas- 16M Weekend, 22M Total
3) Jigsaw- 8M Weekend, 31M Total
4) Boo 2- 5.5M Weekend, 43M Total
5) Geostorm- 3M Weekend, 29M Total
6) Happy Death Day- 3M Weekend, 53M Total
7) Blade Runner: 2049- 2.5M Weekend, 86M Total
8) Thank You For Your Service- 2M Weekend, 7M Total
9) Only The Brave- 2M Weekend, 15M Total
10) The Foreigner- 2M Weekend, 32M Total

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