Box Office Predictions: Will ‘Coco’ Strike Twice?

This is the most boring prediction week ever. There are no new wide releases, so basically, I have to predict how hard I think the movies will fall in the week after Thanksgiving. Typically, it’s a lot. Even for movies with “strong holds”, they still drop more than they would normally.

Next weekend isn’t much better, as we are getting the Tommy Lee Jones/Morgan Freeman flick Just Getting Started. Will anyone care? Probably not. Everyone is moving out of the way of Star Wars, which is tracking at 200M right now.

1) Coco- 27M Weekend, 111M Total
2) Justice League- 19M Weekend, 200M Total
3) Wonder- 16M Weekend, 92M Total
4) Thor: Ragnarok- 10M Weekend, 291M Total
5) Daddy’s Home 2- 7M Weekend, 82M Total
6) Murder On The Orient Express- 7M Weekend, 84M Total
7) The Star- 3.5M Weekend, 27M Total
8) Three Billboards- 3M Weekend, 12M Total
9) Lady Bird- 3M Weekend, 15M Total
10) Roman J Israel- 2.5M Weekend, 10M Total
11) Bad Moms Christmas- 2.5M Weekend, 64M Total

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