Holiday Weekend Box Office Predictions

Obviously, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is untouchable. It made 220M last weekend, and is still quite likely to do 120-140M over the Wed-Mon span that I’m trying to predict. There are a bunch of new movies that will slowly chip away at the competition. Some open tomorrow, some on Friday, and some on Christmas Day.

1) Star Wars: The Last Jedi- 130M (Wed-Mon)
2) Jumanji- 55M (Wed-Mon)
3) Pitch Perfect 3- 40M (Fri-Mon)
4) Greatest Showman- 25M (Wed-Mon)
5) Downsizing- 15M (Fri-Mon)
6) Father Figures – 12M (Fri-Mon)
7) Ferdinand- 12M (Wed-Mon)
8) Coco- 10M (Wed-Mon)
9) Wonder- 5M (Wed-Mon)
10) All The Money In The World- 5M (Mon)

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