Best Of/Worst Of 2017

I’m slowly working my way through my awards, but I wanted to try and post a few a day till I run out of awards. So, here are some silly awards to start with.

RUNNER UP: What Happened To Monday
There’s a quality in this movie that could have been stretched over a short 13 episode season, where we get to know each of the girls a bit more, and the world they live in. As a film, it was OK, but there was a hint of something more beneath the surface.
WINNER: The Dark Tower
Duh. You don’t take a 7 book franchise and bastardize it into a 95 minute movie and just pray for the best.

5) Spider-Man Homecoming 2
Or whatever we plan on calling the next Tom Holland led outing of Spider-Man. I like the universe he’s in, and I think Marvel really knows what to do with Spidey.

4) X23 and The Gang
I know Logan is dead, but what actually happens to X23 and the other kids? I kinda want to see that movie, which would be like a super futuristic X-Men team. I wonder if Marvel is interested in continuing that story at all, or if X23 is a one-and-done character.
3) Wonder Woman 2
I’m finally excited for a DC franchisee. Truly. Legit. Excited.
2) Valerian 2
I loved Valerican and the world that it created. I wouldn’t be at all upset if we somehow got a trilogy. I know the movie flopped, and there’s no chance of this, but I would still want this.
1) Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3
Knowing that this will come after their conflict with Thanos, it could be a very different looking Guardians team. However, I’m still looking forward to the most tonally consistent Marvel franchise.

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