Best Of 2017: Part Two

5) Blade Runner: 2049
It was the sequel that everyone first heard was happening and went “oh no”. Then, when we saw who was set to direct, and star, our hopes were restored. Blade Runner 2049 is a visual masterpiece that had fans debating if it was actually better than the original. That’s a big feat.

4) Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman made her DCEU debut in Batman VS Superman, and the internet quickly decided she was the best thing in that film. Cutahead to her film debut, which might have just single handedly saved the entire DCEU. It was a pretty good year for comic book movies.

3) Logan
What a a way to say goodbye to a hero. It’s always a tough decision to decide to kill a franchise lead like Wolverine, but Logan did it with all the class and style fans had been asking for in a solo Wolverine film for years. Logan isn’t just a great comic book film, it’s a great film regardless.

2) Spider-Man Homecoming
How do you reboot a hero that has already been rebooted before? Seriously, how many times can we watch Uncle Ben die? Luckily for us, Marvel knew just how to reboot Peter Parker without that “been there done that” vibe of either of the past two go arounds.

1) Thor Ragnarok
Talk about doing a franchise 180 from The Dark World. The Dark World is often regarded as one of the very few “bad” MCU films, or at least among the “least favorite”. Marvel heard the pleas of Thor fans and decided to make Ragnarok decidedly more of a comedy. For me, this was the funniest comedy of the year. Hands down. It gave me Korg and I never even knew I needed Korg. Now I can’t imagine life without him.

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