The Cleaning Lady (Pilot)

Starring: Eloise young, Adan Canto, and Oliver Hudson?

Where I Watched it: Hulu (though it airs on Fox)

English Audio Description Available?: No.

The plot: A doctor (Yung) who is here illegally to get her son a special kind of medical treatment works crappy jobs, not as a doctor, until a version of the mob needs her to become…The Cleaning Lady.

What Works; Eloise Yung deserves to breakout as a star, and despite this show being something destined for cancellation, I hope Hollywood doesn’t give up on her. I’d love to see her back with Marvel.

What Doesn’t Work: It’s not a terrible show, but it’s so incredibly average and uninteresting I wondered why it was green lit. The title is terrible, and the whole thing screams cancellation. I remember CBS trying a similar show called The Mob Doctor a while back, and it died quickly. This probably will too.

I want to support shows with diverse casts, but the show actually still has to be good. You need real characters, and a pilot that gives you a much better understanding of who our lead is, what they are about, and what the main premise is and the world it lives in. This show barely does that, making me barely care.

I guess Oliver Hudson is in it at some point, though I didn’t notice him in the pilot.

The Blind Perspective: This show was also not the easiest to follow without audio description, as there are many sequences in the pilot with no dialogue for a while while she…cleans? I don’t know. I wouldn’t recommend trying to sit through this as a blind individual without AD.

Final Thoughs: I love Eloise Yung, but this show is beneath her, and I’d bet money it doesn’t get a second season.

Final Grade: C-

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