Paper Moon

Where I Watched It: Paramount Plus

English Audio Description Available?: No

A rare review of a film where I did not have audio description. I would love to have audio description, and this being a Paramount release, it would have been nice to know that they care about a historically significant Oscar winner enough to make it available and accessible to those unfortunate enough to not be able to follow the many scenes of no dialogue in this work.

But what made me randomly watch Paper Moon? Well, it is a classic. And I actually have never seen it. I was browsing through films, actually trying to find something else that actually had audio description on Paramount Plus, when my narrator read off “Paper Moon” and my mom seemed to get excited and said she hadn’t seen that film in so many years, and how good it was. So, I decided to see if this was watchable.

Short answer, No. Yet, i am still giving this a quick review and grade because i had a human being present who made a valiant effort at filling in gaps. So, I kind of understood the film a bit more. If you do not have a human, and you are blind and visually impaired, I would not recommend this title as it has long moments with no dialogue and only movement. You likely will miss out on chunks of the film.

For example, the entire reason the film is called paper Moon. Without audio description, the title seems random. But, should someone explain it, then it makes sense,

Ryan O’Neal and Tatum O’Neal really do make for a perfect pairing in this classic tale of a man whose life is oddly transformed by the presence of a child in his life, even if that child is a rule breaker herself, and trying to do everything she can to impress this guy who doesn’t color between the lines.

Paper Moon is one of those rare films made before you were born that still is relevant, and very much worth a watch. Especially if you can see. If you can’t, you’re a victim of selective censorship, something that our government and media seem quite complacent with.

Final Grade: A

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