The Too Much TV Roundup- November 26th

So, only five titles today, but i also knocked out three films with reviews to come.

5) Little Demon (Hulu)

English Audio Description?: No

When I have five shows, and only one of them did not have audio description, but I generally liked all five, then the show without audio description ends up losing out. This episode saw Chrissy trying to help a friend through mind control gone horribly awry, while her parents found common ground over a dog they used to own together called Bark Wuffalo. And if you haven’t already named your dog that, you have failed. I wanted to immediately adopt a dog and name it that.

Episode Grade: B+

4) Mythic Quest (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Kind of a flat episode, except we saw brad helping out in ways that were not janitorial, and someone gets locked in the new space while Poppy and Ian are out because they can’t find any of the doors. Also, the line that they have about “There are 7 billion people on this planet, so to a couple million, this is not sketchy”. Very true.

Episode Grade: A-

3) Big Shot (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

The fallout of the wildfire continues, as apparently all sports are cancelled. I feel like, and part of me really wanted to drop this down to a lower grade, that would never happen. Too many people love sports, that if they can make it happen somewhere, anywhere, in a city burned to the ground, the football games on Friday nights would still go on. Sports just don’t get cancelled on a broad scale without Covid. Even then, they just enter bubbles. But, seeing the teams facing each other was solid, though I wish it had been with less handicapping for the girls, so their win felt even more badass. Also, kudos to those two girls finding common ground instead of cat fighting over a boy. That really could have gone either way.

Episode Grade: A-

2) Cobra Kai (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Daniel’s storyline was luckily thrown against Johnny’s far more interesting storyline as the worst gig driver. That was fun to see Johnny trying to get anything above a 1 star rating. Meanwhile, Daniel is donating the most expensive Bonsai trees, and even though he knows Silver is up to something, he still allows himself to be baited. Come on Daniel. Kudos to showing more of the teen cast. And while Daniel’s wife may think she’s taking the kids, Amanda also still lives in a world where she believes she can make Samantha do something. Sam is in her own world, and she’ll go wherever she wants to go.

1) The midnight Club (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

In Episode 2, we have a couple jump scares, a really interesting story told by Anya, and a new character introduction of Shasta. Yes, i immediately thought this was the ghost of Shasta McNasty who has been haunting the premises since that sitcom was cancelled back in the mid 90’s. I’m glad we are on the same wavelength. Mike Flanagan is still proving that Netflix does not pay him nearly enough.

Episode Grade: A

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