Facing Nolan

Where I Watched It: Netflix

English Audio Description?: No

For a very brief moment in time, I did the whole baseball trading card thing as a kid. Mainly because I had friends doing it. Really that’s the reason most kids do anything. Their friend has something, so they need it to fit in. So, I became familiar with baseball players of the late 80’s/early 90’s. Otherwise, I really only know some of the biggest names. But, even with my somewhat limited knowledge, i know who Nolan Ryan is, and I was interested in seeing a documentary about his life. Sadly, Netflix didn’t add audio description.

but, in a very weird way, this documentary has a great narrator built in. very salt of the earth, deep in the heart of Texas vibe. And it’s not just his voice, but also the way he narrates, that makes it feel like he’s just telling you a story. I had an unusual amount of enjoyment simply from this movie’s attempt to narrate in a unique fashion.

Otherwise, the documentary just is exactly what you thought. The life and times of nolan Ryan, with heavy involvement from Ryan and his wife. that means, any dark times Ryan may have had won’t make this film, but he seems like such a simple guy, I’m not really sure what scandal he would be involved in. I enjoyed the talking heads, and i was able to grab enough from the film that it quenched my knowledge for all things Nolan Ryan. I rarely come on here and say “this movie is watchable without audio description”, but this one is. I’m not saying that it couldn’t have been a better experience with audio description, but I had no problem following the documentary and its direction.

If you love baseball, and Nolan Ryan is just the bees knees for you, then maybe give this a looksie.

Final Grade: A-

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