10 Titles On Paramount Plus With Audio Description To Bring you Holiday Cheer

Of course, one wonders how this list would look if Paramount Plus and Showtime got their shit together and actually decided that accessibility matters, but just like how I did for Netflix, I will now try and recommend 10 titles on Paramount Plus. The usual rules apply. I’m using the list available on The Audio Description Project (ADP.ACB.org) and any title on this list I must have seen, either with audio description, or without (meaning, before I lost my vision). And then, it has to actually be worth recommending. I know, I set such a high bar to find ten titles that meet my high standards. Let’s remember that I gave a kevin James movie a B earlier this year, so I’m fairly easy to please.

1) Daddy’s Home

Let’s go ahead and throw this one in here. It might not feel the most “in the spirit”, but this comedy reteaming Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell is funny enough for a good laugh over the holidays. And, since I run in alphabetical order, you can guess which one is coming next.

2) Daddy’s Home 2

The sequel smartly added polar opposites John Lithgow and Mel Gibson, and it worked in the same way the first did. if you enjoyed the first, you’ll likely enjoy the second.

3) Last Holiday

Now, this has been a while for me. I think it takes place over Christmas. The plot, I believe was Queen Latifah believes she’s dying and takes one grand Christmas vacation trying to live her best life. LL Cool J co-stars. I remember this being cute, but it’s also been since 2006.

4) The Guilt Trip

Paramount Plus is not giving me a lot of options. They have some non-theatrical titles, but this Seth Rogen/Barbra Streisand road trip comedy is something I would have given a slight thumbs up to, and would have preferred a more competitive list so it wasn’t even in consideration. I’m only really skipping a few straight to TV movies I’ve never seen. Christmas is bare at paramount Plus.

5) Up In The Air

Now I’m stretching officially. Why Up In The Air? it’s a great film, and it focuses on a guy who never really learns to slow down, being proud of never stopping and accruing his frequent flier miles. His personal journey, which eventually involves human connection, and attending a wedding for his sister, puts him on a path where it feels like the kind of It’s A Wonderful Life ending we all need where he makes a major change. Another solid suggestion here would be Elizabethtown, another road trip film about self discovery and family.

And that’s about it, except for about four straight to CBS holiday movies. However, want to know which films Paramount Plus is currently hosting either by itself or with it’s Showtime add on that they have deemed not important enough to add audio description for blind audiences?

6) Bad Santa

This Billy Bob Thornton raunchy holiday classic appeared immediately as a suggestion for me, yet does not have audio description. What a shame. It’s only been around for almost 20 years. Makes you wonder how long it takes to add audio description.

7) Eight Crazy Nights

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice for those who don’t celebrate Christmas to have a nice holiday film where the people don’t dance around a jolly fat man in a suit. Adam Sandler’s animated musical comedy would have been great to host audio description for, but again, I guess that audience isn’t important.

8) A Christmas Carol

Not sure which version, but Paramount has at least one… without audio description.

9) Scrooged

This Bill Murray adaptation of A Christmas Carol also sits on the streaming service, and it also does so without audio description. Fans of the 80’s comedy likely will just watch it anyway, I’m assuming that’s what Paramount Plus wants.

10) Planes Trains and Automobiles

The ultimate “heading home for the holidays” film just celebrated an anniversary year, and sadly did it without anyone adding audio description to it.

So there’s your Paramount Plus Christmas guide. Man, they really are trying to do some big stuff for our community. I should go bow down to them now. Thanks for the range and level of accessibility that is clearly superior to anything in the streaming field.

P.S. You get coal in your stockings this Christmas.

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