10 Movies With Audio Description On hulu To Bring You Holiday Joy

I always start off with the optimism that the streaming service I’ve selected will have ten films with audio description that I’ve seen at some point in my life and can recommend. See, the thing is it’s like a Venn diagram from hell. you start with every movie ever made. Then, you have to reduce that list to only what’s on my selected streaming service. Then, it has to have audio description. Then, it has to have some relevance to the holidays. Then i have to have seen the damn thing in order to recommend it, and it has to be worth recommending.

I was able to complete this successfully with Netflix (even though my 10th pick was a TV show), but i couldn’t do it with Paramount Plus. I just spent the back half shaming them with titles that are Christmas related, but are not accessible.

Can Hulu get past the five described titles Paramount Plus had?

1) Happiest Season

I loved this so much it was in my top 10 for the year it came out. True story. of course, we were in a pandemic, so the product was weird, but I loved this film. I thought it was charming, and the cast did great work. And when i praise a Kristen Stewart film, you’d better take notice. This might be the best thing on this list. The fact that my first choice on the list starts with H does not bode well for getting to ten. But, aside from Kristen Stewart, I really enjoyed Dan Levy in a funny supporting role, as well as all the members of the family that Stewart’s girlfriend is visiting. if the LGBT content turns you off, I don’t know what to say. This is so relatable.

2) Mickey Saves Christmas

Thiss recent Christmas short is also on Disney Plus, and it’s not really a movie, but your kids will like it. Honestly, it looks as though even if i put every title holiday related on Hulu with audio description, i wouldn’t hit 10. There were very few titles i skipped over, a documentary called Dear Santa, CMA Country Christmas, and The Great Christmas Light Fight. They’re like the Grinch of Christmas. Even if I was generous, I don’t think they have ten titles. Sure, a lot of sitcoms have Christmas episodes. So you can track down the Christmas episode of The Connors, but that’s not really a film.

Beyond that, I had a hard time finding Christmas movies I’d even recommend that don’t have audio description. Arthur Christmas is a good film, but we should have AD for that. The rest of their holiday section seems populated by Lifteime Christmas films that I’ve never heard of and don’t have audio description. I can’t even really shame them, because its not like they have a massive amount of holiday favorites.

So, watch Happiest Season. And think about getting a different streaming service for Christmas.

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