Christmas On mistletoe Farm

Where I Watched It: Netflix

English Audio Description?: Yes

It’s entirely possible that British people make better random Christmas movies than we do. There’s nothing really unique or special about this film, but it was oddly charming enough that I liked it. I know that’s not the case for some, but when you watch these random factory farmed Christmas films, you get a mixed bag. It’s amazing how many are released every year. Christmas is really a huge business.

This Christmas throwaway features a man who inherits the titular farm, and moves his two small children out to this charming quaint little town so he can get his affairs in order having to do with this farm. They aren’t necessarily planning to stay, but if you can guess where this film is headed, Mistletoe Farm is the kind of thing you just fall in love with. It has a goofy groundskeeper, and the town even has a potential love interest for Dad. it has all the trappings, but with some smal town charm, a ton of animals, and even some Christmas carols.

For a one time watch, considering what I’ve sat through, I enjoyed this a lot out of the throwaway Christmas titles no one remembers they saw a few years later. it’s worth the one time watch. It is something the whole family will like, instead of all these damn romcoms that keep dropping. This one is much less of a romance, and more of a family oriented feature. This one is for everyone, and perhaps that’s why i enjoyed it a bit more.

The audio description does a good job of doing things like following the animals around, commenting on the city dressed nature of our family, versus the country folk around them, and even points out a license plate. It was weird to not hear them get any credit, but I stayed through the whole credits, and never heard a mention of who worked on the AD for this feature.

I’m going a little higher on this one than you might expect. i found it charming. I won’t remember it in five years, nor will I ever watch it again, but for a one time watch, i had fun.

Final Grade: B+

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