Christmas With The Campbells

Where i Watched It: AMC Plus

English Audio Description?: No

What’s the point of me having an AMC Plus subscription if I don’t occasionally review their content with the reminder of how nice it would be to have audio description. I will admit, this is not some revolutionary film with tons of visual work, so a lot of the jokes were easy to follow. Honestly, the concept about being dumped right before Christmas and then still spending the holiday with your ex-boyfriend’s family, because he’s too self involved to care, is a winning concept.

It certainly set up Brittany Snow for potential to play this girl in this odd situation in a way that was both charming and also addressing the oddity of a person who would be willing to even do this in the first place.

And, Alex Moffat as her ex-boyfriend is so totally killing it with this performance of a guy you definitely don’t want her to reconcile with. He’s obviously a dick, and she should have seen that a long time ago. But, where this faltered for me was Justin long… in what I can only assume was this miscast role. Like, it was intended for someone else, who dropped out the day before filming, and Justin Long stepped in as a favor. Long is so miscast here, it would be the equivalent of putting Pauly Shore in Die Hard, Jonathan Taylor Thomas in Gangs Of New York, or Sylvester Stallone in Kinky Boots. It’s just so obvious that this machismo role doesn’t fit him, and he’s so uncomfortable in it.

So, while I liked Brittany Snow, and the general premise, I had to sit through Justin Long in this bizarre performance, and the film had no audio description. Perhaps, at some point in time, AMC Plus will see a value in accessibility, but for now, it’s just going to affect my grades.

Final Grade: B-

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