Bodies, Bodies, Bodies

Where I Watched It: iTunes (VOD)

English Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe

Narrated By: William michael Redmond

I admit that I’m late to a party about a film about a party, but I have gotten to see how divisive this film is, at least among the movies fans with internet connections. It seems to be a love or hate movie, and for various reasons. Some people feel betrayed, some people wanted something else, some people thought it was something else. I never saw a preview for this film, so I’m not really sure what was marketed, and why people felt cheated. I did not feel cheated.

this is a film where the director obviously had something to say, and said it through this movie. I also feel like in order to have the best experience possible, you should know as little as possible about teh film. So, I’ll say it’s a small cast, featuring some familiar faces including Amandla Stenberg and Rachel Sennat, who are riding out a storm in a rather large house together. Their personalities almost guide the film, but their decision when bored to play a game called Bodies bodies Bodies is what really gets the film going. Telling you any more than that, will in some form, either give you an expectation or reveal something about the film that perhaps shouldn’t be revealed.

I liked this film. I also went into it not trying to expect something from it, or have a preconceived notion of what it should be. If you can drop your thoughts at the door, Bodies Bodies Bodies can be a fun ride. If not, you’ll hate it.

The audio description here is so very important. I can’t really tell you why, again, because I really do believe that spoilers here are a big deal. So, this is just a short review, and me saying that the audio description was great, and I liked the film enough to recommend it. Hopefully, some more people will enjoy this as well.

Final Grade: B+

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