It’s A Wonderful Binge

Where I Watched It: hulu

English Audio Description Provided By: Pointe 360

Narrated By: Roy Samuelson

Many moons ago, Nostradamus predicted that two children of the devil would be born, and unto the world, they would completely miss the boat on how to make parody/spoof films, and thus their reign of terror would result in a series of films that are universally despised. This includes everything from the aptly titled Date movie and Epic Movie to Meet The Spartans and The Hungover Games.

If you told me they directed this, i would not be shocked.

This film, which shockingly features formerly talented comedians like Tim Meadows, is apparently a Christmas themed sequel to a movie i now am convinced I never need to see called The binge. This winning concept decides to make a mockery of The Purge by making a stoner version, where one day a year, all drugs and alcohol are legal. Well, the joke is on them, because even though the makers of The purge sequels have yet to explore anything more than mayhem, the technical rules of The purge allow for all crime. Only certain weapons are prohibited, and certain high level members of the government are exempted and not fair game. So, you can do a mountain of cocaine during The purge. No problem.

Despite that, this fucking thing exists. it’s one of those comedies that throws everything at the wall, to see what sticks, assuming that if it does so, at least one or two of the jokes will work for each person. And I won’t lie, I did laugh. About once or twice.

Once, the joke was really good. Family sitting down for dinner, fighting, and the mom tries to advance to the dinner portion by starting to say grace. That’s when the son asks to be excused, and when she responded “During grace?”, I will admit. i laughed.

But there are so many jokes in this film that don’t work. Poor Danny Trejo. I mean, the jokes they give some of these talented comedians are just idiotic. I don’t mind a good, well written spoof. Mel Brooks was the king of that. But, when you have no craft, and you just shoot wildly hoping to hit your mark eventually, you’re firing a lot of wasted shots.

The audio description, because God knows I needed audio description on this more than I do films that might actually be good, like Innaritu’s Bardo, is fine. i wouldn’t have picked Roy, even though i love him. His voice is pretty straight toned, which can be fine, but when you have a film this asinine, you need a narrator who sounds like a goofball. The narrator for Hulu’s This fool would have worked here. He’s pretty goofy when called upon to be so.

i don’t recommend this film. yes, I’ve seen worse films this year, which is kind of amazing. But, still, this is way past the point of “maybe it could be good”. I promise you, most of this is just a massive waste of time.

Final Grade: D

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