The Too Much TV Roundup- December 25th

I really didn’t put TV as a focus today. I wonder why. I did watch a couple movies, including a theatrical release. I still have four shows here to give you my thoughts on.

4) The calling (Peacock)

English Audio description?: Yes

I really am just trying to catch up on shows. I had this on my list, wasn’t sure what it was about, and to be honest I didn’t bother finishing the episode. I don’t know what the point of this show is, honestly. it seems to want me to take the show seriously, as the tone suggest the actors believe they are in a drama. but, for your pilot episode, first scene out, you have your leading man interviewing a potential murder suspect while they are in a hot dog costume, I have to wonder what choices we are making here. In the short time I saw this episode, I saw his fellow officers marvel at his interrogation abilities, like they had never watched an episode of Law and Order, and then he slid on home to have some bathtub sex. A nice reward for throwing the book at a hot dog. There are many procedurals, and I’m convinced, without a doubt, the world didn’t need this one.

Episode Grade: D

3) Zootopia Plus (Disney Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Wow. That was even shorter than Tales of The Jedi. The first episode ran six minutes. These really are shorts, and if you are a big Zootopia fan, revisiting some of the characters from that world in these really brief stories might be cute. For me, I think about some of the other short form shows they’ve done recently, and I think Baymax really made the best use of its brief episodes. This reminds me more of the Chip and Dale Park Life show, where I think kids will like it, but there’s not much here. It’s like Silly Symphonies or a Looney Tunes short from back in the day, just with new characters. But, this one banks on your love for Zootopia, which i liked, but I don’t love. I’m not sure there’s a point to me watching more than 1 episode, but your kids might love this.

Episode Grade: B-

2) The Witcher: Blood origins (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Little known fact. I like, but don’t love The Witcher. So, a four episode offshoot could have changed my mind, or been more of the same. THe good news here is that you don’t really need to have seen the original to enjoy Blood Origins. It is a completely different story set in the same world, obviously a prequel. hence, Origins. Michelle Yeoh is the anchor here, but this takes a Lord Of The Rings style approach, and we’re told up front that they need 7 in the party, and by the end of the pilot we only have three. With only four episodes to go, this is basically going to be like a really long Witcher movie, and likely will feel like they could have just made this that, instead of stretching it for time.

Episode Grade: B+

1) The Mosquito Coast (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Actually, i only kinda liked this shows first season as well. The second starts off by finally answering all our questions about “why” they are on the run. A flashback episode gives us a look at who these people were years before, and not only is it a great way to hook new fans at the top of a new season, but it gives old ones the one thing they’ve been craving. Unless this show has 100% reinvented itself in Season 2, which I would love, this is likely a one-off topping of the list, and topping the grades.

Episode Grade: A

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