Where I Watched It: iTunes

English Audio Description Provided By: Pixel logic

Narrated By: Darren polish

If you missed this in theatres, or if you didn’t even know this was a thing, you are forgiven. The marketing was not very strong on this one. I think I saw one review in my YouTube feed from the 40-ish YouTube critics I subscribe to, and I think I only really registered that this film might be worthwhile when I saw Michael Kenneth Williams in the supporting cast, and that this might be his last film.

Honestly, it’s just your average bank robbery film, but what makes it different is that they actually try and make you root for the robber (John Boyega). All he wants is what he feels like he is owed from his veteran’s benefits, and doesn’t want the banks money, nor does he really want to hurt anyone. Hostages are just a means to his end, and even his hostages start to sympathize with what he’s trying to do. In fact, so do people on the outside.

This is actually based on a true story, and while I’m not a massive fan of the structure and pacing, not to mention the seemingly endless supporting ensemble, I thought John Boyega was on fire. I’m disappointed that critics haven’t talked more about him, as he deserved to be at least “in the mix” for Best Actor, even if he didn’t get a nomination. He deserves to be mentioned like he has a shot.

But like I said, most people don’t know this film exists, and coverage can be everything at the end of the year. The audio description here from Darren polish was solid. i often forget about Darren, and his voice ends up always making me wait to see his name, because I haven’t learned to match his voice immediately like I ahve with some others. There’s some action here involving cell phones that make the audio description necessary, as well as snipers on roofs looking to take a shot when they can. Lots of critical non-verbal action.

I would recommend this just for Boyega’s performance. The film is Ok, if not a bit formulaic for its type of film. But Boyega’s intense and committed performance that explores the trials of being a combat veteran is one of the best of last year.

Final Grade: C+

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