Best Of 2022: Top 10 horror Films

Starting off the look back at 2022, and my Best Of lists. I intend to cover both Film and Television, and I’m going to work my way up to the major categories, instead of starting with them. So, today,a list I don’t think will change, the best Horror Films.

As i am a blind film critic, I typically review films with audio description, though i have reviewed films without. It is possible something could appear on a list that did not have audio description, but for this list, every title had audio description when I watched it. So, below is the list, as well as where I watched it when I reviewed it.

10) Bodies Bodies bodies (iTunes)

The only rental on this list, this A24 thriller isn’t really your average horror, but me stating that could possibly ruin the film. Though, most of the people who went into this expecting something super bloody are the ones who came out disappointed. It’s a well crafted film that doesn’t get enough love, even if it barely qualifies as horror.

9) Dr Strange and the Multiverse Of Madness (Disney Plus)

Sam Raimi absolutely brought some of his horror elements to this project, which would have been even more fun if Marvel had allowed an R rating. That being said, there are enough elements here from Raimi to qualify this as pg-13 horror.

8) Scream

While I disagree with one of the killers being able to be a killer, I still found a lot of fun in this fifth outing. I’m a huge fan of the series anyway, and there’s a big moment in this film that has stuck with me all year long. This wasn’t afraid to take risks, and that’s where it pays off.

7) Nope

I think the hype kills this a bit. Comparing this to jaws doesn’t do it any favors, and doesn’t let Jordan peele’s popcorn flick stand on its own. i think if he had removed the one part I didn’t like, the backstory around the filming of the TV show, this would be higher on the list. I still say that has nothing to do with the film, and only sort of boosts the backstory of a supporting character. But, Nope has some really fun moments.

6) Fresh (Hulu)

Sebastian Stan pulled off being a romantic love interest just long enough to make you question the rest of the film. like, what is it we are doing here? It’s dark, comic, and has supporting players you root for as well. Cannibal movies are hard to make work, but pretty much everyone enjoyed Fresh.

5) Barbarian (HBo MAX)

From Zach Cregger comes a bonkers horror sensation that had everyone wondering what was in the basement. Oh, you’ll find out. Trust me. Of the two films this fall that were overhyped, Barbarian was the one that put a smile on my face.

4) Hellraiser (Hulu)

If I gave a separate award to a film on this list for audio description, Hellraiser would win that. The audio description here was incredible, and largely why I enjoyed the film. i had never seen a Hellraiser film before, but the body horror and torture here was so well described, and Jamie Clayton was a great Pinhead. You might not like the leads, but there was at least one supporting player I was rooting for.

3) Significant other (Paramount Plus)

This film you likely never heard of is one of those lost in the wilderness type films with a small cast. but I love how this film evolves, and hides things from you. It was such a pleasant surprise.

2) Prey

Fans of the Predator franchise had pretty much given up on having a sequel of quality by this point. until Dan Trachtenberg got a hold of the rights and made this amazing reinvention, taking us back to before the events of the original, and casting a terrific Amber Midthunder as a fighter looking to prove her worth to her tribe. It’s the kind of battle that really does make you wonder who is the predator here?

1) The Black Phone

For the longest time, this was my top film period. it still is very likely to be in my top 10 when I release that. A film that fully capitalized on stranger danger, and the growing amount of missing children. And those kids were great actors, lead by mason Thames, who I would give an Oscar nod to. Seriously. That boy had so much to do, and such a range of hopeful to hopelessness, in scott Derrickson’s harrowing thriller. And that ending, what a heart stopping moment. He almost had me there. I haven’t loved a horror film like this in quite some time.

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