Spin Me Round

Where I Watched It: iTunes

English Audio Description?: No

To be fair, this is also available on AMC Plus without audio description, so I could have watched it in either place. I can’t remember why I chose to rent it. it was probably on sale. In factI crammed so many movies into my Christmas break, some of them I’m struggling to even remember coherently at a level where I can fully critique them.

i do know that I wanted to see this because I love Alison Brie, and fully support her film career. The plot was basically involving a girl who works for an Olive Garden type chain who is given the opportunity to attend a corporate retreat in Italy. There are a bunch of comedy All Stars that pop up in supporting roles, but molly Shannon is an absolute stand out. She’s been doing such great work in these slightly off kilter roles, like in the HBo short-lived Divorce. And, I still say she deserved an Oscar nomination for other People.

Shannon actually stole the movie for me, which seemed like it could have been funnier, but was stuck between being Cedar Rapids and Eat Pray Love. It was trying to hybrid those films together, and it didn’t quite work.

It was like several other ensemble comedies this year, like Judd Apatow’s The Bubble, or even Noah Baumbach’s White Noise, where it should have worked on paper, but really was inconsistent, and rather forgettable. Which is a shame. So, if you’r a big Molly Shannon fan, I’d say tune in because she delivered, but if not, you’ll have a hard time finding anyone who remembers this in ten years.

Final Grade: C

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