38 At The Garden

Where I Watched it: HBo MAX

English Audio Description provided By: 3Play Media

Narrated By: James Rodriguez

So, the Oscars got this one wrong. This one is the Best Documentary Short I’ve seen this year. For it to have missed out on a nomination actually didn’t surprise me, since the documentary branch is the branch I respect the least. They frequently reject popular documentaries, they turn away from music related ones, and they thought When We Were Bullies warranted an Oscar nomination. This year, they jettisoned many fantastic documentaries from their shortlist including Good Night oppy and Sr.

OK, so there was a feature doc a few years back called Linsanity and maybe they thought another doc about Jeremy Lin was a bit much. But this is a doc about representation, in a time where violence against Asian American populations is on the rise. So, I’m assuming they just didn’t see it. Because there’s no way they’d pass on a documentary that speaks to the moment, just so we can take a walk down memory lane with Martha Mitchell. And, yes, i saw that one too.

The audio description here works well because it does have some basketball footage, and we need that described. I also love that this is a short that actually feels like a full and complete work. i don’t need it to be longer or shorter. The runtime is perfect.

i don’t know what else to say other than this is my pick for Documentary Short of the Year.

Final Grade: A

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