Best Of 2022: Top 10 Lead Actress in a Sci-Fi or Fantasy Series

Here we go. Another Top 10 list. This time, I’m finishing off the Sci-Fi Fantasy category before leaping to Limited Series. So far, Ensemble went to The Walking Dead, Supporting Actress went to Sadie Singh from Stranger Things, and Supporting Actor went to Mark Jackson from The orville. Who tops this list?

10 Erin moriarty (The Boys) Amazon

9) Tatiana Maslany (She Hulk) Disney Plus

8) Madison Taylor Baez (Let The Right one in) Showtime

7) Amelia Jones (Netflix

6) Sissy Spacek (Night Sky) Amazon

5) Emma Darcy (House Of The Dragon) HBo MAX

4) Lauren Cohen (The Walking Dead) AMC

3) Chloe Grace Moretz (The Peripheral) Amazon

2) Millie Bobbi Brown (Stranger Things) Netflix

1) Jenna Ortega (Wednesday) Netflix

I love Christina Ricci’s Wednesday Addams portrayal from the films, so it was such a daunting task for Ortega. I was programmed to not like her. But she totally took the role, and made it her own. now I can love both equally. She had the highest bar set for her of any of the nominees, because of fan expectation, and i think she knocked it out of the park. Brown also had an excellent season, and her nuanced performance of making Elle a little more human each season actually takes skill. She’s evolved more since the last time we saw her, but there’s still something missing. Next season, we should see how far she’s come yet again.

Several performances on this list will be ineligible due to series endings and cancellations, so this should look different next year. Plus, Season 5 of Stranger Things doesn’t hit till 2024.

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