Best If 2022: Top 10 Limited Series

And now the official cutting down of the top 10. If you look through the lists, there were shows that either had acting mentions in my top 10, or ensemble mentions, and didn’t make the cut. i obviously enjoyed more than 10 limited series this year, and I hope that is reflected in this list.

10) Joe Vs Carol (Peacock)

9) Inventing Anna (Netflix)

8) The Patient (Hulu)

7) Five Days At memorial (Apple Plus)

6) The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray (Apple Plus)

5) The Undeclared War (Peacock)

4) From Scratch (Netflix)

3) Gaslit (Starz)

2) Shining Girls (Apple Plus)

1) Black Bird (Apple Plus)

So based on this list, if you have an Apple Plus account, you should have gotten your monies worth. That’s not even mentioning all the other non-limited shows I’ve already recognized. Here, I had a hell of a time picking between my top two, as both blew me away and really challenged my one episode a week formula. I’m not a fan of binge watching, but both left me constantly in a lurch, like I needed to know what was next.

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