The Too Much TV Roundup- 04/03/23

Since there are still some network bubble shows, and I have a bit of room today to talk about what I think will or won’t be back, I figured I’d take a look really quick before beginning the roundup. So if you read today, it’s a bonus for you.

CBS: They only have three shows still waiting to hear. True Lies will be cancelled. I believe it is the lowest rated CBS scripted. East New York has been a moderate performer, and it’s my understanding that the biggest concern is over streaming rights. Basically, CBS wants to be able to keep Season 1 on Paramount Plus if they make a second season. This show is produced by WB, so after the run of the 1st season, right now it’s headed to HBO MAX. If they can find a compromise, this could get a second season. SWAT is in a weird place. Technically it shouldn’t be a bubble show, since it’s ratings actually went up, just like last season, but CBS is trying to make this show cheaper. I’ll predict SWAT comes back, and not East New York (though HBO mAX could save it).

FOX has been renewing shitty shows. They seem to not really care about ratings, but cost. 911 is on the verge of cancellation, despite being the top series at FOX, simply because of its cost. There’s a world in which 911 gets cancelled, but lone Star is renewed. I’ve even heard some in the industry are ready to pick up 911 should FOX claim to be too poor to continue their #1 drama. however, there seem to be no concrete plans to bring The Resident back. On the comedy side, Animal Control looks like the new anchor, and despite being one of the least watched TV shows likely ever to go to a third season, it’s looking surprisingly good for Welcome To Fletch, which could get the renewal over Call Me Kat. Shocking. i know. I’ll go ahead and predict FOX makes it work with 911 staring Angela Bassett, and lone Star, but drops The Resident, as well as Call Me Kat. Though, I’d love to see Welcome go.

The CW is almost impossible to predict as this is the first full cycle under new management. Last year, they came in and axed a ton of shows, but still were working off old pilots. The CW seems to want to move in a cheaper direction. I don’t think anything here is really “safe”, but if I had to guess the most likely shows to stick around, I’d pick the night of Walker, Superman and Lois, All American, and The Winchesters.

NBC is pretty much done. Labrea got a crappy 6 episode third season, which they keep swearing doesn’t mean the end of the series, but I feel like it is. I know there’s a pending writers strike again, and maybe NBC is just playing it conservative. Hell, Quantum Leap is already shooting season 2, so it’ll definitely have new episodes. Night Court already has a renewal. I think they’ll stick with American Auto for a third season. Of their Friday night shows, Young Roc seems least likely to return for a fourth season. Lopez Vs Lopez had to do what no freshman comedy should have to, and that’s create a new block on a night that previously didn’t have a comedy block, on its own. Because of this, NBC did order a full season. young Roc, Grand Crew, and American Auto don’t run full seasons. i think Lopez Vs López will be back, and it’s very likely Grand Crew (which is the lowest rated NBC show) and young Rock, will not. Technically, Dick Wolf’s dramas are all on the bubble, but I suspect all three Chicago shows will have a multi-season renewal like last time, while SVU likely will as well, while the other two Law series will be back. Magnum PI will already be back in the fall, due to it’s initial order.

ABC has pretty much everything on the bubble. I’ll start by saying that I suspect very soon we’ll hear The Connors is coming back, along with some other familiar faces. I can’t see them just cancelling Station 19. I think The Rookie is a lock, and it’s new spinoff will be back as well. The Good Doctor will return, but maybe without it’s spinoff, unless they run it in the break between new episodes of The Good Doctor. Monday 8-10 is permanently taken by The Bachelor and American Idol. With The Goldbergs already cancelled, and Abbott Elementary already renewed, that leaves Not Dead yet and home economics. I honestly think both could be back, and continue to produce 13 episode seasons. both are liked creatively, and while neither are a huge breakout, they both perform well enough. I’m hearing David E Kelly is begging for Big Sky to return, offering to devote himself full time to his show, which does NOT bode well for Alaska Daily, which I think will get the axe. Also, Will Trent has performed rather surprisingly well, and should get an offer to come back. That leaves The Company you Keep, which I’m hearing they want to bring back, but it’s going to depend upon their new pilots.

And now, for the roundup.

7) Mayor Of Kings Town (Paramount Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

Well, they took a shot at Mike, but this Mayor has ninja skills and managed to save himself from a full on tactical assault.Meanwhile, Dianne Wiest likely had her most screentime this season. So, all in all, a solid episode for a show I marginally enjoy.

Episode Grade: B

6) Hello Tomorrow (Apple Plus)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I kinda looked at this being the fourth episode and thought we were moving really fast for a show that wants to last more than one season. Too many people are finding out about Jack being Jeoy’s dad, especially in an episode where they role play because Joey needs a stand in to meet his girlfriend’s parents. It’s alright. I’m just starting to question direction and plot choices.

Episode Grade: B

5) Lockwood and Company (Netflix)

English Audio Description?: Yes

After running me all over hells half acre this season, we finally come to a close. A somewhat satisfying close. i don’t know if Netflix is bringing this back or not, but I hope they don’t wait forever because I likely will forget all the little things that happened, and the side characters.

Episode Grade: A- Season 1 Grade: B+

4) Last Week Tonight With john Oliver (HBO MAX)

English Audio Description?: No

We focused pretty much on just solitary confinement, and how inhumane it is. I have thoughts, but they’re a bit contrary to Oliver’s, although I think what he’s saying here it very valid. Especially for offenders who are in for low grade crimes, serving short terms, who are expected to rejoin society at some point. Yeah, maybe we don’t subject them to something that could make them worse when they rejoin society. But, like, the Parkland shooter? I’m not really sitting around wondering “I hope he’s comfy. I hope he gets to socialize.”, because then I think about all the people he killed, and how those people can’t socialize or read a book, or sleep in a bed, and then I frankly don’t give a fuck.

Episode Grade: A-

3) The Consultant (Amazon)

English Audio Description?: Yes

I know. Jobs are important. but I’ve reached that point with our two leads where I’m not really sure why they’re still working at this company. Like… quit. Just walk out the door. Leave. you’ve seen shit that would make me leave my job. You’ve been asked to do things that would make me leave my job. As a viewer, i can’t wait to see what bonkers ending this show has.

Episode Grade: A

2) Will Trent (ABC/Hulu)

English Audio Description?: Yes

look at Will Trent, all the way up here. First A grade for this series. The manhunt episode was great. it covered a lot of ground. And if that wasn’t enough, Will’s BFF ran into the man who raped her as a child, and was dealing with that while everyone was trying to rescue Faith, and prove she was innocent, and that she was being framed. It was a solid hour, and the best hour of this series so far.

Episode Grade: A

1) Bel Air (Peacock)

English Audio Description?: Yes

But its the Fresh Prince who wins the day as Will and Carlton worked towards the Black Out, where all the students left the school. A terrible time for Carlton to be weaning off his meds, but Will stepped up. This prep school needs a reckoning, and I hope they get it. And I love that Will’s team is still mad at them even though he’s the only reason they win.

Episode Grade: A

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