Where I Watched It: HBo MAX

English Audio Description Provided By: Deluxe

Narrated By: Ron Snow

Another film that I saw when i could see, and now am rewatching for the first time with audio description. Creed is just an excellent movie. I’m not that big of a Rocky fan, and what Ryan Coogler has brought to Creed seems like the organic next step in the evolution of the franchise. When we last saw Rocky, he was dealing a lot with his son, and now he’s even older and wiser, and Adonis Creed is looking for a fight. The movie really plays into this backstory and history between Rocky and Apollo Creed, which leaves Rocky feeling some obligation to make sure Adonis doesn’t end up like his father.

Of course, this plot leads to some terrific performances. It’s sad how little this film was recognized at the Oscar’s, with just a lone nomination for Stallone in supporting actor. The script is great. michael b Jordan is a ball of anger ready to burst at any given second, hiding his complex series of emotions from everyone, only slowly letting someone in. One of those someone’s is played by Tessa Thompson, an actress, who like Jordan, seems to frequently fly under the radar.

Going from what I remember having seen this film (I believe twice) while I could see it, and then trying to translate it now, I can say that the audio description does a decent job of being able to translate the core storyline to you. You are able to follow Adonis on his path, and the ending is not a typical simplistic happy ending. It’s a complicated work that really strives to earn its worth, and push Adonis as realistically far as he can be, without being silly.

What’s lost is in the style of Coogler’s direction, and some rather iconic shots. It’s just something that can’t really be fully put into words. one of the scenes is attempted, but the work that went into that is just far greater. There’s a scene where Adonis is on a run while some local Philadelphians ride their bikes around him. You would never know how beautifully shot that scene is, and the different choices Coogler makes from just the narration.

Likewise, the fight scenes are attempted, with the hopefulness that it all works out. And maybe the narration, with some great surround sound will make you feel like you are right there in that ring. If not, I totally understand.

Ron Snow is a great choice for narrator here. he feels appropriate, and he also sounds like a super serious dude, which just brings in more of that serious tone.It’s just hard to really capture the magic of a boxing scene, and also the flair that a great director can bring to the project artistically.

I loved Creed before, and i still love it now.

Final Grade: A

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