John Wick Chapter 2

Where I Watched it: peacock

English Audio Description?: no

As part of my quest to see all the john Wick films again, while they were still on peacock, this didn’t have audio description. A film like this not having audio description is pointless. The john Wick franchise is not known for expository dialogue. It’s known for long sequences of well choreographed violence that weave throughout the whole film.

Truthfully, I’ve already seen this. The first two films in the franchise pre-dated my blindness, so I could play around with sitting down to talk about why this film doesn’t work without audio description. It’s pretty obvious, as you can’t tell who has the upper hand at any given moment, and all the intricate fight choreography that this film lives and dies by is gone. It’s reduced to an overactive sound design, which is not the same thing.

I’m not sure that we needed a franchise from this film, as the sequels just expand this bizarre world of john Wick, where an assassin who is supposed to slip around unnoticed, is as famous as Lady Gaga. I’m not even sure there are normal people in this world. Maybe John found the one girl who wasn’t an assassin and that’s what made his life so special. but this world has so many assassins in it, I think if there were truly that many in our world, it would be impossible to not notice. The Men in Black wouldn’t be able to reset enough memories.

I think the first one worked because it was pure vengeance. The sequel is a bit more frustrating because the plot is more about honoring the code, which just ends up screwing over John again in the long run.

none of that matters, because if you don’t have audio description, this film doesn’t have enough dialogue to sustain. I think when i saw this the first time around it was maybe a B+, but under these circumstances…

FINAL GRADE: unwatchable.

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