To Leslie

Where I Watched it: iTunes English Audio Description?: No It may surprise you that this out of left field Oscar nominee that made 27K at the box office from something called “Momentum Films” doesn’t have audio description. if it does surprise you, you’ve probably been to an independent film festival and seen films without distribution have accessibility. Especially some incredibly low budget films that wind up at film festivals geared specifically to the blind and visually impaired community, where the films you’ve likely never heard of are made my blind and visually impaired talent. So, no, Leslie doesn’t get a … Continue reading To Leslie

The People We Hate At The Wedding

Where I Watched It: Amazon Audio Description Provided By: The Media Access Group Narrated By: Zambie Page I’ll tell you right off the bat what you need to know. If you’re here because you use audio description, then get ready for some light, but totally appropriate shade. I’m not sure if Page also wrote the script for the narration, but whoever did, I applaud them. Late in the film, one of the characters is on an airplane reading a book. Not a big deal, right? Characters do this all the time. but as the narrator notes for those of us … Continue reading The People We Hate At The Wedding


Where I Watched It: Netflix English Audio Description Provided By: Descriptive Video Works Sometimes, I really enjoy the fact that I don’t watch trailers (since they rarely have audio description). That was I can be surprised by something like Lou, where I just launch Netflix and see “from producer JJ Abrams”, and that’s really all I needed to know. What I checked in for is one of those “particular set of skills” films that (Thank God) does not star Liam Neeson. Instead, for something completely different, we’ve got Allison Janney ready to kick someone’s face in. And if you aren’t … Continue reading Lou