Starring: Kevin, Stuart, Bob
With The Voices Of: Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, Allison Janney, and Michael Keaton.
Directed By: Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin

Minions is definitely meant more for kids than Inside Out was. It’s silly, and the material doesn’t fly over the heads of even the youngest in the audience. It’s basically the same quality as The Penguins Of Madagascar, yet that movie went completely overlooked. Minions? They’re so adorable that audiences everywhere don’t care that they’re “one note” supporting characters. No one is worried that they might not be able to carry a whole movie. They just want to see BANANA!

Minions are silly, they speak in Gibberish, and they aren’t shaped like any known creatures. It’s the kind of stuff that kids love. Don’t believe me? Ask them if they’d rather see Minions or Inside Out. They’re probably gonna squeal over minions. The kids in my theatre seemed to LOVE Minions, laughing at all the slapstick humor. Adults? Well, it was mostly kid laughter. Some adults. Sometimes. And there in lies the dilemma. I enjoyed the film well enough, but it’s not really meant for me. I suppose my review will reflect how an adult might enjoy Minions, but I’ll note that your kid might like it even more.

I will say that I think Minions included a lot of their best jokes in the trailer. They did seem to save much of the “third act” from being in previews, so you might not know how its going to end, but you’ll know all the jokes along the way. Most of them anyway. I enjoyed the family that picked up the Minions, as they had more screentime than I thought they would.

If you have younger kids, take them to see Minions. From what I heard today, they’ll love it. You won’t hate it either. If you have older kids, take them to see Inside Out. You’ll both enjoy it.


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