Crimes Of The Future

Where I Watched It: Apple VOD English Audio description?: No Every once in a while, I still like to review things that don’t have audio description to remind anyone in Hollywood that cares that not providing audio description makes your film potentially incoherent. And for 99 cents as a rental from ITunes, this was a complete and total waste of my life. It’s totally unwatchable, and while David Cronenberg might be a respected director, my word to him would be for someone of your caliber who directs with such intent, i would make sure there was an audio description track … Continue reading Crimes Of The Future

My Very Final Official Oscar Predictions

So for those of you movie loving folk out there doing Oscar pools, let me be your guide. or not. Do your thing. Maybe your shaman already told you who will win. But these are my predictions for the Oscars that are being presented on Sunday. Yes, this Sunday. BEST PICTURE: The Power Of The Dog Despite the internet Oscar experts shitting bricks after Coda won the PGA award in this category, I know it is used as a barometer for predicting the winner in this category, and to be fair, i think Coda is in the #2 spot. It’s … Continue reading My Very Final Official Oscar Predictions


Starring: Kristen Stewart, Timothy Spall, Jack Farthing, Sally Hawkins, Freddie Spry, and Sean Harris. Directed By: Paulo Laureen Where I Watched It: Apple VOD English Audio Description Available?: Yes. The Plot: At the end of her rope, Diana (Kristen Stewart) attends a family traditional Christmas, where she battles her own mental health, her desire to be a mother to her kids, and a strong need to end her marriage to Prince Charles (Jack Farthing). What Works: The kids who play William and Harry are delightful, and the best scenes in the entire film revolve around Diana being (or at least … Continue reading Spencer