Best Of 2022: Top 10 horror Films

Starting off the look back at 2022, and my Best Of lists. I intend to cover both Film and Television, and I’m going to work my way up to the major categories, instead of starting with them. So, today,a list I don’t think will change, the best Horror Films. As i am a blind film critic, I typically review films with audio description, though i have reviewed films without. It is possible something could appear on a list that did not have audio description, but for this list, every title had audio description when I watched it. So, below is … Continue reading Best Of 2022: Top 10 horror Films

Significant Other

Where I Watched It: Paramount Plus English Audio Description Available?: Yes I know you are going to expect an elaborate review here, and I’m not giving it. The thing is, as a film critic, I try to watch a wide range of things, and often nowadays, i don’t even know what it is I’m watching. I just know it’s the new release being pushed by a streaming service, and I’m trying to have thoughtful discussions about the usefulness of audio description, and remind my community how many choices are out there, and remind Hollywood that even though we are blind, … Continue reading Significant Other

10 Titles On Paramount Plus With Audio Description To Make Your Halloween Scarier

You know the drill by now. I’ve already listed 10 Titles on HBO MAX, Hulu, and peacock. Now It’s time for the streamer formerly known as CBS All Access to get the spooky treatment. Personally, I’m not sure they deserve it. We’ve been going back and forth about how they failed to bring the existing audio description for Showtime titles along when they decided to put it as an add on. They think they can be cute, and I’m going to let them know they can’t be. That being said, they do have quite a library. Paramount as a studio … Continue reading 10 Titles On Paramount Plus With Audio Description To Make Your Halloween Scarier