Fall TV Preview: Night By Night Comparison

Now that all the major networks have announced their lineups, here’s a look at each night, and a prediction of what’s going to happen.


8PM: Once Upon A Time (ABC), The Amazing Race (CBS), Football (NBC), The Simpsons/Bobs Burgers (FOX)

Football draws the largest audience, obviously. I expect Once Upon A Time to continue to lead in the scripted area.

9PM: Revenge (ABC), The Good Wife (CBS), Football (NBC), Family Guy/American Dad (FOX)

Revenge used to be ahead of The Good Wife, but has been dipping a lot recently. I expect The Good Wife to come out on top of Revenge next season, right out of the gate.

10PM: Betrayal (ABC), The Mentalist (CBS), Football (NBC)

Betrayal will lose to The Mentalist. By how much will determine how long Betrayal stays on the air (honestly, it’s one of the least promising pilots in my opinion).


8PM: Dancing With The Stars (ABC), How I Met Your Mother/We Are Men (CBS), The Voice (NBC), Bones/Almost Human (FOX), Hart Of Dixie (CW)

1) The Voice, 2) Dancing, 3) Bones/Almost Human, 4) HIMYM/WAM, 5) Hart Of Dixie. Pretty easy predictions.

9PM: Dancing With The Stars (ABC), 2 Broke Girls, Mom (CBS), The Voice (NBC), Sleepy Hollow (FOX), Beauty and the Beast (CW)

1) The Voice, 2) 2 Broke Girls/Mom, 3) Dancing, 4) Sleepy H0llow, 5) Beauty and the Beast

I think The Voice will edge out 2 Broke Girls/Mom, but it’s possible that The Voice will drop more in the fall, and dip to second place.

10PM: Castle (ABC), Hostages (CBS), Blacklist (NBC)

NBC is touting Blacklist as the best show ever. The trailer for Hostages looks fantastic. Castle does solid in the ratings. This is going to be tough. I hate to say it, but… 1) Hostages, 2) Blacklist, 3) Castle. As Dancing With The Stars becomes a weaker lead in, Castle will struggle more and more to stand on its own. If Hostages and Blacklist continue to be two of the most hyped shows leading into the fall, they could both beat Castle.


8PM: Agents Of Shield (ABC), NCIS (CBS), The Biggest Loser (NBC), Dads/Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX), The Originals (CW)

This is a penis measuring match, as ABC pits their hottest show (and honestly the hottest pilot on any network) against the most watched show on TV. If they can beat NCIS, that’s a huge victory for them. I’m guessing they can’t. NCIS’s audience is pretty big. FOX’s sitcoms are incredibly promising, and should actually do quite well, but they won’t win this timeslot. And it’s possible that if The Originals does Vampire Diaries numbers, and if Biggest Loser slips, CW might be in 4th place. 1) NCIS, 2) Agents Of Shield, 3) Dads/Brooklyn Nine-Nine, 4) The Biggest Loser, 5) The Originals

9PM: Goldbergs/Trophy Wife (ABC), NCIS LA (CBS), The Voice Results (NBC), New Girl/Mindy Project (FOX), Supernatural (CW)

This is really easy. 1) NCIS LA, 2) Voice Results, 3) Goldbergs/Trophy Wife, 4) New Girl/Mindy Project, 5) Supernatural.

I think there’s a chance that New Girl beats Goldbergs, but no way will Mindy Project beat Trophy Wife. I’m betting Mindy Project doesn’t survive its second season.

10PM: Lucky 7 (ABC), Person Of Interest (CBS), Chicago Fire (NBC)

Lucky 7 looks awful.  1) Person Of Interest, 2) Chicago Fire, 3) Lucky 7


8PM: The Middle/Back In The Game (ABC), Survivor (CBS), Revolution (NBC), X-Factor (FOX), Arrow (CW)

I’m banking on another large drop for X-Factor. If it lasts another year, Arrow might surpass it.

1) Survivor, 2) Revolution, 3) The Middle/Back In The Game, 4) X-Factor, 5) Arrow

9PM: Modern Family/Super Fun Night (ABC), Criminal Minds (CBS), Law and Order SVU (NBC), X-Factor (FOX), The Tomorrow People (CW).

1) Modern Family/Super Fun Night, 2) Criminal Minds, 3) Law and Order SVU, 4) X-Factor, 5) Tomorrow People

10PM: Nashville (ABC), CSI (CBS), Ironside (NBC)

1) CSI, 2) Nashville, 3) Ironside


8PM: Once Upon A Time In Wonderland (ABC), Big Bang Theory/The Millers (CBS), Parks and Rec/Welcome To The Family (NBC), X-Factor Results (FOX), Vampire Diaries (CW)

1) Big Bang Theory/The Millers, 2) Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, 3) Parks and Rec/Welcome To The Family, 4) Vampire Diaries, 5) X-Factor Results

9PM: Grey’s Anatomy (ABC), The Crazy Ones/Two and a Half Men (CBS), Sean Saves The World/Michael J Fox Show (NBC), Glee (FOX), Reign (CW)

1) The Crazy Ones/Two and a Half Men, 2) Grey’s Anatomy, 3) Sean Saves The World/Michael J Fox Show, 4) Glee, 5) Reign

I actually think more people will be watching MJFox than Grey’s, but Sean will be enough below it to balance out the average.

10PM: Scandal (ABC), Elementary (CBS), Parenthood (NBC)

1) Scandal, 2) Elementary, 3) Parenthood

Scandal is SCORCHING hot right now. This fall debut should be insane.


8PM: Last Man Standing/The Neighbors (ABC), Undercover Boss (CBS), Dateline (NBC), Bones (FOX), Carrie Diaries (CW)

When Bones moves here, it’ll shake things up. 1) Undercover Boss, 2) Bones, 3) Last Man Standing/The Neighbors, 4) Dateline, 5) Carrie Diaries

9PM: Shark Tank (ABC), Hawaii Five O (CBS), Grimm (NBC), Raising Hope/Enlisted (FOX), America’s Next Top Model (CW)

1) Hawaii Five-O, 2) Grimm, 3) Shark Tank, 4) Raising Hope/Enlisted, 5) ANTM

10PM: 20/20 (ABC), Blue Bloods (CBS), Dracula (NBC)

1) Dracula, 2) Blue Bloods, 3) 20/20

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