Emmy Wish List: Best Actor In A Drama

I somehow comprised 5 nominees without needing to use Bryan Cranston or Jon Hamm.

1) Jeff Daniels, The Newsroom

I think he’s definitely not going to be nominated. His work lacks the gravitas of some other people, but I love the work he does on The Newsroom, and he would be on my Wish List.

2) Kelsey Grammar, Boss

Not that he needs another Emmy, but Boss has since been cancelled, and it would be the last time he could be recognized for his work on this criminally underrated drama.

3) Charlie Hunnam, Sons of Anarchy

The Emmy’s hate for SOA is strong. My love for it is undying. A nomination for Hunnam, who consistently turns in the strongest work on TV would be amazing.

4) Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead

Lincoln might finally be nominated this year. In fact, of the five nominees, I would pick him as my most likely to actually be nominated. The hype for The Walking Dead is at a fever pitch, and while it likely won’t get a series nomination, Lincoln seems like the best bet for anyone out of the cast (maybe Norman Reedus in supporting).

5) Kevin Spacey, House of Cards

It’s almost cheating to have an actor as good as Kevin Spacey in a TV show. Oscar winners doing TV… typically they get their Emmy nominations. I think Spacey has a shot, but I could see this Netflix show sadly being forgotten this year.

Who do you pick?

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