Hardy to play Elton John, Redmayne to play Stephen Hawking?

Two biopics are now in the works. FilmDistrict paid 10 million for the rights to Rocketman, the Elton John biopic, written by Lee Hall and directed by Michael Gracey. This is the third high-profile project that Gracey is directing, following The Greatest Showman On Earth with Hugh Jackman and The Muppet Man (the Jim Henson biopic). Tom Hardy is apparently signed to play Elton John as an adult, though casting is searching for a child version of him as well.

Working Title is making a Stephen Hawking movie called Theory of Everything. They are trying to get Eddie Redmayne for the part, but Eddie is also in talks for Far From The Madding Crowd (which has Carey Mulligan attached). Theory Of Everything seems like a no-brainer. Done right, it should easily secure Redmayne an Oscar nomination.

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