Happy Birthday: July 30th

Joey King (14)

At 14, she already has quite a resume, co-starring in two films this summer alone (White House Down and The Conjuring). Check out her work as China Girl in Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Yvonne Strahovski (31)

A great reason to watch an episode of Chuck?

Martin Starr (31)

While he wasn’t the lead, he was in Superbad, and that’s a great summer flick.

Damon Wayans Jr (31)

Watch Happy Endings. You’re welcome.

Jamie Pressley (36)

A brief glance at her resume shows you that, obviously, the Oogieloves movie is the best thing there. On a serious note, she was great on My Name Is Earl.

Hilary Swank (39)

She’s been in a  lot of really good films. Just the other day, I was watching Million Dollar Baby and remembering how terrific she was in that. Go with that.

Christine Taylor (42)

Ben Stiller’s wife. Sure, Dodgeball is a great choice. Or Zoolander. But I’m going to go all the way back, to when she was just starting out, and say you should find an episode of Hey Dude on YouTube. It’s crazy to think she’d go on to be as big as she is now, when she started out on a Nickelodeon comedy.

Tom Green (42)

Road Trip is the only thing on his resume I think I can recommend. He’s a pretty awful actor.

Christopher Nolan (43)

You could check out basically any of his directorial efforts, and you couldn’t go wrong. But honestly, when was the last time you saw Insomnia? Interstellar is coming out next year.

Simon Baker (44)

He hasn’t starred in a lot of movies, but has had two successful TV series, The Guardian and The Mentalist. As far as filmwork goes, he was in The Devil Wears Prada, and that’s an excellent excuse to watch that film again.

Terry Crews (45)

His best work was on Everybody Hates Chris, which is still in syndication, so you might be able to catch an episode. He’ll also star in Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 in September.

Vivica A Fox (49)

Most of her work is crap, but she was in Independence Day. Can’t go wrong with that.

Lisa Kudrow (50)

Lisa Kudrow turns 50 this year! Wow. Phoebe, you’ve gotten old on us. She’s done some great TV work, but isn’t this a time to pop in that old Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion DVD?

Laurence Fishburne (52)

He looks older than this. I’d love to just say The Matrix and be done with it, but I’m going to pick Event Horizon instead. Underrated. Fishburne can currently be seen in Man of Steel.

Richard Linklater (53)

I’ve got dual recommendations. School of Rock and A Scanner Darkly. Dazed and Confused is just too easy…

Richard Burgi (55)

He’s done a ton of TV work. Notably, he did a season of 24.

Jean Reno (65)

If you haven’t seen The Professional, you must. Immediately.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (66)

The dude is 66 years old, and still starring in action movies. You’ve gotta be impressed. Don’t watch any of the new stuff though. Celebrate his birthday with some old school Terminator, Kindergarten Cop, or True Lies. Escape Plan, his next, comes out in October.

Peter Bodgonovich (74)

Where do we start? Paper Moon  or The Last Picture Show? Pick one.



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