Box Office Predictions: What A Slow Weekend Ahead…

1) The Butler- 16M Weekend, 45M Weekend

City Of Bones is tracking soft, and The Butler was a crowd pleaser last weekend. It is likely that a small drop will keep The Butler in 1st place again this weekend.

2) The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones- 15M weekend, 20M Total

Soft tracking. I think The Butler and Mortal Instruments will be close, but if this was really a big franchise starter like it has been billed, it should be winning by a landslide.

3) You’re Next- 14M Weekend, 14M Total

A well reviewed horror film yes, but a no-name cast. It could break through this weekend, considering how low budget it is.

4) We’re The Millers- 12M Weekend, 88M Total

The Jason Sudekis/Jennifer Aniston comedy is looking to keep steamrolling this weekend as the clear fan favorite.

5) The World’s End- 10M Weekend, 10M Total

Even if it performs well, it has a low screen count. Only 1,400 screens, compared to 2,400 for You’re Next, and 3,046 for City Of Bones. It should have a decent per screen average, but it can’t be a power player this weekend in terms of total gross.

6) Planes- 8M Weekend, 57M Total

Planes dipped only 40% last week, and shouldn’t drop much this week either with no new kids pics entering the marketplace. It will remain the top entry for families.

7) Elysium- 7M Weekend, 67M Total

Elysium will drop a bit this weekend, but with no new entries, people may finally be checking out the Matt Damon film they’ve likely missed.

8) Kick Ass 2- 5M Weekend, 23M Total

Kick Ass 2 had a strong friday, which led into an underwhelming Saturday and Sunday. A #5 debut last week means people aren’t really excited for more Kick Ass. A drop higher than 50% is likely.

9) Blue Jasmine- 5M Weekend, 15M Total

Blue Jasmine goes wide this week into 1,200 screens. It’s been having really solid word of mouth, and great per-screen-averages each week.

10) Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters- 5M Weekend, 46M Total

Percy Jackson only dipped 40% last week as well, and without any new kid pics, I can’t imagine the film dropping 50% this weekend either.

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