Weekend Box Office: ‘Prisoners’ takes an easy first

1) Prisoners- 21.4M Weekend, 21.4M Total

The well reviewed Hugh Jackman pic beat expectations and was crowned the champion (by a long shot). It should play well over the coming weeks with increasing awards buzz. The film received a B+ cinemascore, so word of mouth will be good, but not The Butler sized.

2) Insidious: Chapter 2- 14.2M Weekend, 50.5M Total

The horror sequel dipped 64% in week two, pretty typical for this genre. A third installment has already been ordered, as the sequel will definitely outgross the original.

3) The Family- 7.0M Weekend, 25.6M Total

Robert DeNiro’s limping action-comedy dropped 50% in week two. It won’t hit 40M domestically.

4) Instructions Not Included- 5.7M Weekend, 34.2M Total

This film is doing incredible box office. This is like My Big Fat Greek Wedding all over again. Of course, it won’t reach those heights, but did anyone think this film would break 30M? Hell, even 1M seemed like a lot.

5) Battle Of The Year- 4.6M Weekend, 4.6M Total

The dance flick died. However, it received an A- cinemascore, so even with shitty initial box office, the week-to-week drops should be lower. Still, it won’t be able to make back its 20M budget.

6) We’re The Millers- 4.5M Weekend, 138.0M Total

7) Lee Daniels The Butler- 4.3M Weekend, 106.4M Total

8) Riddick- 3.4M Weekend, 37.0M Total

9) Wizard of Oz- 2.8M Weekend, 2.8M Total (for this reissue)

10) Planes- 2.5M Weekend, 86.2M Total

In limited release, Rush made 223K on 5 screens, and Enough Said made 263K on 4 screens. Amazing box office for both films as they look to expand in the coming weeks.

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