Awards Watch #1

Here’s my first “power list rankings” of how films are tracking right now, and how I think the race is shaping up. Gravity and 12 Years A Slave are massive contenders right now.

Best Picture

1) 12 Years A Slave

2) Gravity

3) Inside Llewyn Davis

4)  Captain Phillips

5) Nebraska

6) The Butler

7) American Hustle

8) Dallas Buyers Club

9) Prisoners

10) Her

Best Actor:

1) Matthew McConaughey- Dallas Buyers Club

2) Chiwetel Ejiofor- 12 Years A Slave

3) Tom Hanks- Captain Phillips

4) Oscar Issac- Inside Llewyn Davis

5) Bruce Dern- Nebraska

6) Robert Redford- All Is Lost

7) Joaquin Phoenix- Her

8) Forest Whitaker- The Butler

9) Hugh Jackman- Prisoners

10) Christian Bale- Out Of The Furnace

Best Actress

1) Sandra Bullock- Gravity

2) Judi Dench- Philomena

3) Julia Roberts- August Osage County

4) Cate Blanchett- Blue Jasmine

5) Amy Adams- American Hustle

6) Emma Thompson- Saving Mr Banks

7) Kate Winslet- Labor Day

8) Adele Exarchopoulos- Blue Is The Warmest Color

9) Naomi Watts- Diana

10) Amy Adams- Her

Best Supporting Actor

1) Jared Leto- Dallas Buyers Club

2) Steve Coogan- Philomena

3) George Clooney- Gravity

4) Daniel Bruhl- Rush

5) Jake Gyllenhaal- Prisoners

6) Michael Fassbender- 12 Years A Slave

7) Josh Brolin- Labor Day

8) Bradley Cooper- American Hustle

9) Woody Harrelson- Out Of The Furnace

10) Ben Foster- Lone Survivor

Best Supporting Actress

1) Lupita N’Yongo- 12 Years A Slave

2) Meryl Streep- August Osage County

3) Jennifer Lawrence- American Hustle

4) Melissa Leo- Prisoners

5) Carey Mulligan- Inside Llewyn Davis

6) Oprah Winfrey- The Butler

7) Elisabeth Olsen- Oldboy

8) Jennifer Garner- Dallas Buyers Club

9) Alfre Woodard- 12 Years A Slave

10) Naomie Harris- Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom

Best Director:

1) Alfonso Cuaron- Gravity

2) Paul Greengrass- Captain Phillips

3) Steve McQueen- 12 Years A Slave

4) The Coen Brothers- Inside Llewyn Davis

5) David O’Russell- American Hustle

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