Awards Watch- #2

Here’s my second “power list rankings” of how films are tracking right now, and how I think the race is shaping up. Gravity and 12 Years A Slave are massive contenders right now.

Best Picture

1) 12 Years A Slave

2) Gravity

3) Inside Llewyn Davis

4)  Captain Phillips

5) Nebraska

6) The Butler

7) American Hustle

8) Dallas Buyers Club

9) Prisoners

10) Her

No real changes here.

Best Actor:

1) Matthew McConaughey- Dallas Buyers Club

2) Chiwetel Ejiofor- 12 Years A Slave

3) Robert Redford- All Is Lost

4) Tom Hanks- Captain Phillips

5) Oscar Issac- Inside Llewyn Davis

6) Bruce Dern- Nebraska

7) Christian Bale- Out Of The Furnace/ American Hustle

8) Forest Whitaker- The Butler

9) Hugh Jackman- Prisoners

10) Idris Elba- Mandela: A Long Walk To Freedom

Robert Redford is ticking up. I knocked Joaquin Phoenix off the list (for now), in favor of Idris Elba. Christian Bale also ticks up as Out Of The Furnace is about to be seen. Rumor is that it’s the best performance of his career. Will he submit himself for that, or American Hustle?

Best Actress

1) Sandra Bullock- Gravity

2) Judi Dench- Philomena

3) Cate Blanchett- Blue Jasmine

4) Meryl Streep- August Osage County

5) Amy Adams- American Hustle

6) Emma Thompson- Saving Mr Banks

7) Kate Winslet- Labor Day

8) Adele Exarchopoulos- Blue Is The Warmest Color

9) Bernice Bejo- The Past

10) Amy Adams- Her

It looks like Meryl is running in lead, not supporting. So I had to account for that.

Best Supporting Actor

1) Jared Leto- Dallas Buyers Club

2) Steve Coogan- Philomena

3) George Clooney- Gravity

4) Matthew McConaughey- Mud

5) Jake Gyllenhaal- Prisoners

6) Michael Fassbender- 12 Years A Slave

7) Daniel Bruhl- Rush

8) Josh Brolin- Labor Day

9) Woody Harrelson- Out Of The Furnace

10) Ben Foster- Lone Survivor

The only real lock here is Jared Leto. Whether or not Clooney can get a nomination will depend on the success of Gravity this weekend. He’s not getting nearly the attention of Bullock, or the film itself, but he could ride its coattails to a nomination. It looks like Matthew McConaughey is being run in supporting for Mud, so he can be nominated for both of his performances this year. Will people buy that his role is actually supporting?

Best Supporting Actress

1) Lupita N’Yongo- 12 Years A Slave

2) Julia Roberts- August Osage County

3) Jennifer Lawrence- American Hustle

4) Melissa Leo- Prisoners

5) Carey Mulligan- Inside Llewyn Davis

6) Oprah Winfrey- The Butler

7) Elisabeth Olsen- Oldboy

8) Jennifer Garner- Dallas Buyers Club

9) Alfre Woodard- 12 Years A Slave

10) Naomie Harris- Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom

No real changes here.

Best Director:

1) Alfonso Cuaron- Gravity

2) Paul Greengrass- Captain Phillips

3) Steve McQueen- 12 Years A Slave

4) The Coen Brothers- Inside Llewyn Davis

5) David O’Russell- American Hustle

6) Alexander Payne- Nebraska

7) JC Chandor- All Is Lost

8) Lee Daniels- The Butler

9) Woody Allen- Blue Jasmine

10) Spike Jonze- Her

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