Box Office Predictions: ‘Robocop’ or ‘Lego’?

1) The Lego Movie- 47M Weekend, 126M Total

I’m predicting a decent drop for The Lego Movie, as the winter storm barraging the country seems to be affecting box office already. Many theatres in affected areas are closed, and some theatres will see limited attendance anyway as people don’t want to go outside. For those that do, I’m sure The Lego Movie will remain a top choice.

2) Robocop- 21M Weekend, 25M Total

Robocop won’t beat The Lego Movie. I know I made it seem like it might, but it won’t. Sorry. I wouldn’t have predicted it anyway, and then I saw the mid-week grosses (Robocop opened yesterday) where Robocop was barely edging out The Lego Movie…midweek…when school is in session.

3) About Last Night- 20M Weekend, 20M Total

Valentine’s is tomorrow. There’s a new Kevin Hart movie opening. His last movie just broke 100M. If you don’t think Hollywood is paying attention to About Last Night, you’re crazy.

4) The Monuments Men- 13M Weekend, 40M Total

5) Winter’s Tale- 12M Weekend, 12M Total

It’s based on a best-selling novel, and it has a much larger cast than Endless Love. I think Winter’s Tale could prove to be a viable option on Valentine’s Day weekend for the adult crowd. Critics have been trashing the film though, which could hurt it in the long run.

6) Endless Love- 9M Weekend, 9M Total

Horrible marketing campaign. No stars. Bad reviews. If this wasn’t Valentine’s Day weekend, I’d predict a much, MUCH, lower opening.

7) Ride Along- 5.5M Weekend, 114M Total

8) Frozen- 4.5M Weekend, 374M Total

9) Lone Survivor- 3.5M Weekend, 118M Total

10) That Awkward Moment- 2.5M Weekend, 21M Total


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