Bubble Show Roundup


Things are still looking good for The Goldbergs, which is rumored to be a solid lock for a second season. Also, ABC isn’t going to let Agents Of SHIELD get away, not after the creative resurgence in the last half of the season. The idea is that the show is just finding its sea legs, which could possibly even help Agent Carter get a series order (rumored to be potentially used to bridge the gap between the first part and second part of the SHIELD season). Also, ABC is likely to renew Nashville and Resurrection, and they’re not done with Revenge either.

It’s going to be curtains for Super Fun Night which despite pitching a reboot, seems to not have the network brass on its side. They’re leaning a bit more toward Mixology, but that would come down to the wire. I’m still betting that Mixology isn’t buzzy enough to get a renewal. ABC is probably going to cancel The Neighbors, but stick with Last Man Standing.Suburgatory just isn’t cutting it anymore, and will likely get the axe. The one big question mark is Trophy Wife, which didn’t quite light up the ratings board, but does have a loyal following, and is a well reviewed show. Depending on the pilots, Trophy Wife may or may not come back.


Bad Teacher had a promising premiere, and if ratings hold, it could possibly sneak a renewal. Friends With Better Lives is less likely, having lost a large chunk of its audience from its premiere. After being out performed by Bad Teacher, The Crazy Ones is looking like its dead. The Mentalist might end up getting sold to another network, instead of getting renewed by CBS. There just isn’t a chance that Intelligence will be renewed.


About A Boy will get a pickup. Parenthood will get another season. Growing Up Fisher will likely come down to the pilots for next season. Hannibal could go either way, but I’m guessing NBC sticks with it, and axes Dracula. NBC will also probably go with one final season of Community. Crisis and Believe are essentially dead. Revolution is a big question mark, as I’ve heard a rumor that NBC is considering a shortened third (final?) season, to allow Revolution to wrap up its storyline (and reward the fans for sticking through 44 episodes of the show so far).


After cancelling Almost Human, FOX still has to decide on a handful of shows (mostly comedies). Word has it that FOX is now leaning toward a renewal for Dads, possibly picking it over Surviving Jack, and Enlisted. Rake is basically dead.


The Carrie Diaries is almost certainly dead. The CW isn’t leaning toward renewal for Star Crossed either, instead opting for The 100. The Tomorrow People isn’t likely to see a second season, whereas Hart Of Dixie is likely to return for an abbreviated 4th season. The big question is Beauty and the Beast, which even though it is low rated, seems to be a favorite of the network. They’re leaning toward renewal right now, but it could come down to the pilots.

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