Weekend Box Office: Spidey Takes An Easy Win

1) The Amazing Spider-Man 2- 92M Weekend, 92M Total

I saw a headline that says “franchise fatigue weighs down”, and I was like… what the fuck? I mean, yes, there’s fatigue… because this is the 5th Spider-Man in 13 years, but this sequel gained 30M on the first one on opening weekend. It also beat the opening for Spider-Man 2, by the way. With Chicken Little reporting the box office news this summer, a lot of perfectly fine performing films will end up as flops. Have I mentioned that Spidey has already earned 277M in foreign box office? And that number is already over half of the 490 that the first Amazing Spider-Man made in total foreign? The sky isn’t falling.

2) The Other Woman- 14.2M Weekend, 47.3M Total

It dipped a bit more than I thought it would, but it still only slipped 42% in week two, despite heavy competition. The counterprogramming paid off, and the Cameron Diaz comedy is proving to be a sleeper hit, and also likely a nice precursor to her summer comedy Sex Tape.

3) Heaven Is For Real- 8.7M Weekend, 65.6M Total

4) Captain America 2- 7.7M Weekend, 237.1M Total

5) Rio 2- 7.6M Weekend, 106.4M Total

6) Brick Mansions- 3.5M Weekend, 15.4M Total

7) Divergent- 2.1M Weekend, 142.6M Total

8) The Quiet Ones- 2.0M Weekend, 6.7M Total

9) God’s Not Dead- 1.7M Weekend, 55.5M Total

10) The Grand Budapest Hotel- 1.7M Weekend, 51.5M Total

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