‘Last Man’, ‘Nashville’, ‘Mentalist’ Renewed, ‘Dracula’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Friends’, and others cancelled

There are very few bubble shows remaining after today. Parenthood remains one of them, but a lot of that is cast negotiations. ABC managed to work out a deal for Nashville, and they actually managed a full third season out of it. Originally, there was a war over a shortened season, but ABC ended up giving in to Nashville. A nice win on their part. ABC then also renewed Last Man Standing as part of a deal that saw Cristela and Fresh Off The Boat get series orders for next season.

CBS ended up cancelling ALL of its bubble comedies, including Robin Williams’s The Crazy Ones, Friends With Better Lives, and Bad Teacher, as well as bubble dramas Intelligence and Hostages. The only survivor at CBS was The Mentalist, which was given a 13 episode order for a FINAL SEASON run (which is what Parenthood is trying to get, and what Community SHOULD have gotten). After the axing of every single single-cam show, CBS is now back to being 100% multi-cam, as every new sitcom and every returning sitcom uses the multi-cam format.

NBC, not surprisingly, staked Dracula today. The show wasn’t expected to return, especially after the series pickup of Constantine, and the third season renewal of Hannibal.

Admittedly, I’m surprised The Mentalist got a pickup, but now that I see it is a short-order for a final season, I understand the need to give a show with 6 seasons some closure.


One thought on “‘Last Man’, ‘Nashville’, ‘Mentalist’ Renewed, ‘Dracula’, ‘Crazy’, ‘Friends’, and others cancelled

  1. CBS needs to get its head out of its ass. Friends With Better Lives had huge potential, and they really canceled Bad teacher after only two episodes? Yet Two and a Half Men has been on since the beginning of time and is still as painfully unfunny as ever?

    Chuck Lorre must give a fantastic BJ for them to keep his shows for so long, because there is no other explanation for that.

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