Friday Box Office: ‘Neighbors’ Beat ‘Spider-Man’ To Death

1) Neighbors- 19.5M Friday, 49M Weekend, 49M Total

Neighbors had an incredibly strong Friday, far outpacing The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which is looking to drop somewhere between 55-60% for week 2. Not great for long term prospects. Neighbors is also doing great internationally, where it premiered at #1 in over half of the countries it opened in. Traditionally, American comedies don’t do large foreign box office because our sense of humor doesn’t translate, but Neighbors is proving to be an exception. Apparently everyone hates frat boys.

2) The Amazing Spider-Man 2-10.1M Friday, 37M Weekend, 147M Total

Spidey had a large drop. It will drop even more when it has to face off against Godzilla next weekend. It will pass 200M, but it is unlikely to break 225M domestically.

3) The Other Woman- 2.8M Friday, 9M Weekend, 61M Total

Cameron Diaz’s The Other Woman is holding up well, and should do nicely over Mother’s Day.

4) Heaven Is For Real- 2.4M Friday, 6M Weekend, 74M Total

5) Captain America: The Winter Soldier- 1.4M Friday, 5.5M Weekend, 245M Total

6) Rio 2- 1.1M Friday, 5M Weekend, 113M Total

7) Legends Of Oz- 0.9M Friday, 4M Weekend, 4M Total

BOMB. Not quite of Delgo or Battle For Terra proportions, but a pretty serious bomb. Audiences gave it an A cinemascore though (I’m as surprised as you are), so it might do well in the coming weekends if word of mouth can spread. It is unlikely really to do much more than (if it’s lucky, and the word of mouth spreads) 15M domestic at this point.

8) Moms’ Night Out- 1.2M Friday, 4M Weekend, 4M Total

This weeks other new release debuted in less than half the screens of Legends Of Oz, and will make about the same. That means not quite as big of a bomb, in fact, it is doing almost exactly what I projected.

9) Divergent- 0.4M Friday, 1.5M Weekend, 145M Total

10) Brick Mansions- 0.4M Friday, 1.5M Weekend, 18.5M Total

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