Friday Box Office: ‘X-Men’ Scores A Hit

1) X-Men: Days of Future Past- 36M Friday, 96-99M 3 Day Weekend, 115-117M 4 Day Weekend

I’m hoping X-Men can break 100M in 3 days, but it also looks like it just might fall short.

2) Godzilla- 9M Friday, 29-32M 3 Day Weekend, 38-40M 4 Day Weekend

Godzilla is looking to drop over 60% this weekend, probably because everyone realized what I wrote in my review is true. It just isn’t that good.

3) Blended- 4.3M Friday, 14-15M 3 Day Weekend, 20M 4 Day Weekend

This will be his worst opening since That’s My Boy, which was his worst opening since Reign Over Me in 2007. Adam Sandler as a comedian is one of the most bankable things out there, which is why this comedy (which is getting an A- cinemascore) is baffling. Other than That’s My Boy, the only Sandler films to not open north of 20M were either technically dramas (Reign Over Me, Spanglish, Punch Drunk Love), animated (Eight Crazy Nights), or you’d have to reach all the way back to Little Nicky in 2000 at 16M. That’s how incredibly consistent he is. He’s actually opened THIRTEEN films above 30 million, and SEVEN of those above 40M. He doesn’t star in big budget franchise films, he just makes comedies, and they open huge. What went wrong with Blended? Unlike That’s My Boy, audiences seem to enjoy Blended (thus, the A- cinemascore). How did it flop this badly?

4) Neighbors- 4M Friday, 13-14M 3 Day Weekend, 16-17M 4 Day Weekend

5) Amazing Spider-Man 2- 2M Friday, 8-9M 3 Day Weekend, 10-11M 4 Day Weekend

6) Million Dollar Arm- 2M Friday, 7-8M 3 day Weekend, 9-10M 4 Day Weekend

Million Dollar Arm is holding up well, dipping about 30% from last weekend.

7) The Other Woman- 1.1M Friday, 3.5M 3 Day Weekend, 4.5M 4 Day Weekend

8) Rio 2- 0.5M Friday, 2M 3 Day Weekend, 2.5-3M 4 Day Weekend

9) Heaven Is For Real- 0.5M Friday, 2M 3 Day Weekend, 2.5-3M 4 Day Weekend

10) Chef- 0.5M Friday, 2M 3 Day Weekend, 2.5M 4 Day Weekend


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