EMMY WATCH: Best Drama Series

Well, the obvious lock for a nomination is Breaking Bad, for its final season. Whether or not it wins is another thing altogether, but this series is too beloved to not get nominated. Also, freshman series True Detective is a virtual lock. Game Of Thrones is almost a virtual lock. The other three slots are kinda, sorta open.

Mad Men is always a viable contender, as is Downton Abbey. There will be a push for The Americans, as well as a push for Masters Of Sex. House Of Cards has cooled off a bit, and might end up slipping off the list this year. Same with The Good Wife, which despite killing off a series lead, might end up off the list this year in favor of Sex/Americans.

In the longer-shots category, Hannibal is adored by TV critics. Homeland has cooled off a lot. Scandal is a fan fave, but not a strong contender for an Emmy nomination for Best Series. Bates Motel had a stronger first season. Sons Of Anarchy never gets enough Emmy love. Justified might get a few votes, but not enough to get a nomination. And Freshman megahit The Blacklist is likely to get some votes too, but James Spader is a more likely nomination for this show.

Orphan Black is just too far down on the list of longshots to be a real contender. The Newsroom had a weaker second season, and is unlikely to be a contender this year. Ray Donovan would be an interesting choice, but there are stronger contenders.

I personally would vote for Sons Of Anarchy, Scandal, Game Of Thrones, The Americans, The Blacklist, and House Of Cards. I’ve sadly never seen Masters Of Sex (or Ray Donovan), and some of the other contenders I’m not up-to-date on (this past season). Part of me wants to vote for True Blood… or even Arrow.

I think the nominations will go to Game Of Thrones, Breaking Bad, True Detective, Masters Of Sex, The Americans, and Mad Men. I think the hype has died down on Downton Abbey, but it could sneak in.


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