EMMY WATCH: Best Guest Actor/Actress In A Comedy

Always a much harder category to predict, the guest categories should include some interesting results. Bob Newhart for The Big Bang Theory is a sure thing. James Earl Jones might also follow him for The Big Bang Theory. Carl Reiner will probably get some votes for Two and a Half Men. Andrew Rannells is in the running for Girls. John Lithgow might get nominated for How I Met Your Mother. Nathan Lane is always in consideration for playing Pepper on Modern Family. Fred Willard or Stephan Merchant might also get a Modern Family nod. Gary Cole could ride the Veep train. Adam Sandler guested on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Jeremy Renner found his way onto Louie.

It might be surprising to find out that Pablo Schreiber is just a guest actor for Orange Is The New Black, as is Damon Wayans Jr for The New Girl. Prince could surprise (also for The New Girl), and Scott Bakula would be an interesting choice for Looking. James Franco did The Mindy Project, as did Bill Hader. A bunch of SNL hosts will be in the running, including Jimmy Fallon, Louie CK, Andy Samberg, and Jonah Hill.

Longshots: Jonathan Banks for Community. Bill Murray for Alpha House. Jerry Seinfeld for Louie. Ed Asner for The Crazy Ones. Jesse Eisenberg for Modern Family. Tim Conway for Glee. Craig Robinson for Brooklyn Nine Nine.

My votes… Newhart, Lithgow, Schreiber, Wayans Jr, Banks, and Bakula.

I think they’ll pick… Newhart, Jones, Reiner, Rannells, Lithgow, and maybe Fallon.

For the Guest Actress…

Ellen Burstyn for Louie, Octavia Spencer for Mom, and June Squibb for Girls are all serious contenders. Uzo Aduba should sneak in for Orange Is The New Black. Laverne Cox is a possibility for Orange Is The New Black (turns out she ran in Guest, not in supporting).

Glee is submitting Kristen Chenoweth, Dot Marie Jones, Gwyneth Paltrow, Romy Rosemont, and Shirley Maclaine. Mike and Molly had both Kathy Bates and Susan Sarandon (also McCarthy’s costars in Tammy). SNL hosts Tina Fey, Melissa McCarthy, and Kerry Washington are in the running.

Longshots: Taryn Manning for Orange Is The New Black, Elizabeth Banks for Modern Family, Sarah Baker for Louie, Joan Cusack for Shameless, Gaby Hoffman for Girls, Patti LuPone for Girls, Amy Poehler for Broad City.

I’d vote for Aduba, Cox, Manning, Rosemont, Fey, and McCarthy.

Emmy voters will pick Burstyn, Spencer, Squibb, Aduba, Fey, and McCarthy.



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