Weekend Estimates: A Whole Lotta Shaking Up Going On

1) Transformers 4- 36.4M Weekend, 174.7M Total

Down 63% from the previous weekend, Transfromers 4 took advantage of a weak weekend to continue to hold first place. That won’t happen next weekend, as Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes is getting stellar reviews, and should easily take the top spot.

2) Tammy- 21.1M Weekend, 32.9M Total

Yes, Tammy is getting crap reviews. It was also made for 20M (not counting advertising). It still has a shot to break even. Also, a 20M+ opening isn’t bad for a Melissa McCarthy led comedy. It’s her first real outing without a co-star about the title (Susan Sarandon is featured heavily in the previews, but is not marquee).

3) Deliver Us From Evil- 9.5M Weekend, 15M Total

The Eric Bana horror flick ended up pulling ahead in a tight 3rd-6th place race. With middling reviews, it should freefall next weekend though.

4) 22 Jump Street- 9.4M Weekend, 158.8M Total

Down only 40% from last week, the comedy sequel hit continue to build on the goodwill it’s created.

5) How To Train Your Dragon 2- 8.7M Weekend, 140.0M Total

A slow starter, Dragon is proving to be aiming for the long game. It dipped only 33% from last weekend.

6) Earth To Echo- 8.2M Weekend, 13.5M Total

The ET knockoff was the best reviewed of the three new releases, but with no real stars in the film, Echo was left wanting more. It might hold up well in the coming weeks, as it has the best shot of the new releases of having positive word of mouth.

7) Maleficent- 6.1M Weekend, 213.8M Total

8) Jersey Boys- 5.1M Weekend, 36.7M Total

9) Think Like A Man Too- 4.9M Weekend, 57.1M Total

10) Edge Of Tomorrow- 3.6M Weekend, 90.8M Total

11) America- 2.7M Weekend, 4.0M Total

Expanding into wide release, America managed a 2,466 PSA, which was better than Edge Of Tomorrow and Jersey Boys, but nothing else in the Top 10.

12) The Fault In Our Stars- 2.4M Weekend, 115.8M Total

13) X-Men: Days Of Future Past- 1.8M Weekend, 227M Total

14) Chef- 1.6M Weekend, 22M Total

15) Begin Again- 1.3M Weekend, 1.8M Total

Expanding into 175 locations, Begin Again maintained a 7,520PSA, which is better than every film that ranked above it, except for Transformers.

16) Snowpiercer- 0.9M Weekend, 1.5M Total

Chris Evans’ well reviewed action film got a 3,996PSA from 250 screens. It’s better than everything in the top 10 except for Transformers and Tammy.

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