My 10 Most Anticipated Releases For Fall 2014

I’m counting only releases after the Summer (which for the sake of this article means anything releasing on or after September 1st):

1) Gone Girl- October 7th

Just saw the newest trailer for it, and it looks incredible. One of my favorite films last year was Prisoners, and I think Gone Girl reminds me a lot of that. Plus, it looks like we’re going to get a stellar performance from Ben Affleck, a breakthrough from Rosamund Pike, and an against-type performance from Neil Patrick Harris. Plus, it’s directed by David Fincher. I’m most definitely on board.

2) The Boxtrolls- September 26th

Loved Coraline, and I think stop-motion is underrated as an artform. This film looks magnificent, and I hope it’s just a lot better than Paranorman.

3) Interstellar- November 7th

I haven’t seen anything other than the teaser trailer, but I’m on board just because it is a Chris Nolan film. I need no other reason. It would be higher, but I really love the trailers for Gone Girl and Boxtrolls.

4) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1- November 21st

I’m a Hunger Games fan. I actually think the movies are well made, and I’m excited to see further continuation. Mockingjay is the only book I haven’t read in the series, so it’ll be all new to me.

5) Big Hero 6- November 7th

It’s a cute teaser trailer, and I don’t know much about it, but Disney has a pretty solid track record for me with their animated releases (save a few duds like Home On The Range). I even liked Bolt.

6) Foxcatcher- November 14th

I can’t wait to see the Steve Carell performance everyone is talking about. And I hear Channing Tatum also delivers an amazing performance. Could we be getting Oscar noms this year for Carell and Tatum? Will Channing Tatum defy the odds and become an Oscar nominee?

7) The Judge- October 10th

It’s nice to see Robert Downey Jr outside of his Iron Man outfit, and doing a straight-forward drama. Plus, Robert DuVall is certain to nail his performance.

8) St. Vincent- October 24th

I keep hoping Bill Murray will get recognized by the Academy for one of his performances. Part of me hopes that the Academy goes back and honors him for Lost In Translation with an apology. Or Rushmore. St Vincent looks like a return to form for Murray, and perhaps the film is good enough to get him a nomination. Perhaps. I’m hopeful.

9) Annie- December 19th

OK. I’m intrigued. Skeptical, but intrigued. I anticipate this more and more because I’m interested to see what they’ve done, in terms of changes.

10) Horrible Bosses 2- November 26th

A decent trailer. Hopefully the Bosses trio can do better with a sequel than the Hangover trio did with their two sequels.

Waiting For Trailers: Inherent Vice, Exodus, Untitled Cameron Crowe, Big Eyes, Wild, and Selma. I feel bad for not including Unbroken, but I’m a little concerned about Jolie as a director for the film. I hope she does the story justice, but it falls just outside of my Top 10.

And just for fun, 8 films I could do without:

1) The Green Inferno- September 5th

I won’t be seeing Eli Roth’s latest film about cannibals in a jungle, no matter how many good reviews it gets.

2) Dolphin Tale 2- September 12th

I might see this, but we needed a Dolphin Tale sequel just like we needed to Free Willy a second time.

3) Untitled New Line Horror Film- October 3rd

I know nothing about it, except it’s a horror film without a title. I’m already bored.

4) Dracula Untold- October 17th

After seeing I Frankenstein, I’m skeptical of all horror reboots moving forward.

5) Paranormal Activity 5- October 24th

These aren’t going straight to video yet? This is technically the 6th film in the series, and hopefully the last.

6) The Pyramid- December 5th

As much as I would love to support Denis O’Hare’s film career, this horror film sounds terrible. The fact that he’s the biggest name in it, scares me more than the plot of the film.

7) Hot Tub Time Machine 2- December 24th

The first one was OK, but when John Cusack turned down the sequel, it should have killed the sequel. Adam Scott is very talented, but he is not John Cusack.

8) Into the Woods- December 24th

I’m not looking forward to a Disney-fied version, with large chunks taken out, and songs missing. Either do the show, or don’t do the show. Don’t tone it down so you can appeal to family audiences. A PG-13 version with a bit more sex and scandal probably would have played better than whatever they’re planning here.


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