My Reaction To The Emmy Nominations (With Some Snubs)

First off, congratulations to Laverne Cox for being the first transgendered actress to be nominated for an Emmy. I did a little bit of research, but I believe she’s the first transgendered actress to be nominated for the top award in her field (TV/Film/Stage). It’s a huge step in the right direction.

Also, I love the general support for Orange Is The New Black, as well as The Normal Heart (especially Joe Mantello). Kudos to nominating Kerry Washington, because I love Scandal. William H Macy is finally nominated for Shameless. And I’m 100% behind Andre Braugher for Brooklyn Nine Nine. Also, the continued love for So You Think You Can Dance is welcomed, at a time when the show is dying.

But… I kinda hate the rest of the Emmy nominees.

Where the fuck was James Spader for The Blacklist? I mean, I love The Newsroom, and I would not have voted for Jeff Daniels over James Spader. Sorry. Idiot move. Season 2 of The Newsroom was nowhere near strong enough to warrant that nomination.

Are we watching FX? The Bridge failed to get ANY nominations, Sons Of Anarchy only was awarded in the technical categories… and gets snubbed EVERY YEAR. No nominations for Charlie Hunnam, Maggie Siff, Ron Perlman, or Katey Sagal. Justified was only nominated in the technical categories. And presumed frontrunner The Americans got left in the cold with a nomination only for Margo Martindale. No nominations for either Matthew Rhys or Keri Russell.

Also… we forgot about Tatiana Maslany for Orphan Black. Her snub actually trended on Twitter!

Dean Norris was forgotten about in all the Breaking Bad hubbub. Mindy Kaling was left off the list for The Mindy Project. Peter Sarsgaard didn’t break through for The Killing. Michael Sheen missed out on Masters of Sex. Andy Samberg was forgotten about for Brooklyn Nine Nine, despite winning the Golden Globe. (hey, Katey Sagal won a Golden Globe too for Sons of Anarchy, and has NEVER BEEN NOMINATED for an Emmy)

Johnny Galecki continues to be unloved on The Big Bang Theory, as does Kaley Cuoco. Bellamy Young was snubbed for Scandal. Emmy Rossum was forgotten about in Shameless.

Hannibal was completely snubbed. Bates Motel was completely snubbed, despite killer performances from Vera Farmiga and Freddie HIghmore. And what happened to nominating Arrow somewhere for outstanding fight choreography?

Some of my personal favorites, that were never going to get nominated, still don’t get recognized. This would include Danny Pudi for Community (or really, any of the Community cast). Trophy Wife would have been a solid choice.

But the snub I am most angry about is Melissa McBride for The Walking Dead. It’s like Emmy voters are allergic to The Walking Dead, one of the most watched shows on TV. If they had just seen one episode featuring McBride, it’s impossible to not vote for her. I actually believe her performance this season was stronger than the six women currently nominated in Supporting Actress. That’s right. I just threw that bomb down. I don’t think she just deserved to be nominated, I think she deserved to win.

(I felt the same way back when Katey Sagal’s Gemma was raped in Sons Of Anarchy. She won the Golden Globe, but Emmy voters ignored her)

I’m getting really tired of seeing the same people nominated all the time. It’s making me hate their shows. I’m so glad Breaking Bad is done, because it will free up some nominees. Notice how I didn’t put down Elisabeth Moss for Mad Men? She’s been nominated so many times, I just didn’t care that she wasn’t nominated.

The only way to combat this problem is to have a completely different pool of voters each time. Having the same voters, they vote for the same shows they watch currently. They don’t try new things, or sample different shows. Honestly, this was the worst season of Mad Men, and it still got an Emmy nomination for Best Drama Series. That shouldn’t happen. The Americans or Masters Of Sex should have been able to break through.

I think it’s time for TV watchers to tell Emmy what they really think about their nominations, and how it doesn’t represent the TV that you watch. Outside of a few choice nominations, Emmy voters missed the boat. It seems to be a growing trend among the major award shows, that they just simply don’t get it. It’s worse with the Emmy’s, because they just repeatedly nominate the same person over and over. If it really is just an honor to be nominated, then how about you pull your name from consideration?

It’s been done before.

Jim Parsons… yes, you’re great on The Big Bang Theory, but with SIX nominations and TWO wins, aren’t you a little concerned about Johnny Galecki? He’s never going to win if you keep getting nominated. His best shot is if you remove yourself from the race.

Jon Hamm is technically a twelve time Emmy nominee. You read that right. Seven of those are for playing Don Draper. I cannot WAIT for your show to end, because the Emmy voters keep nominating you, even though you win.

Hey! Modern Family cast! How about… if you won the previous year, you don’t submit? It allows other people to be considered, especially people in your cast who still haven’t won.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus… if you win again this year. You gotta pull yourself. For the good of humanity. Three times in a row is insane.

Actors can help each other out. More importantly, they can help out their fellow castmembers. Imagine if Mayim Bialik stopped getting nominated. This is her third nomination, after all. It might allow Kaley Cuoco (who was around since day one) to finally be nominated. She’s actually never been nominated for The Big Bang Theory. Melissa Rauch has never been nominated.

It’s not that these actors are actually better than the people not getting nominated. It’s just that Emmy voters seem to just copy/paste their nominees every year. It’s actually that Emmy voters continue to vote for the shows they watch, and don’t start watching many new series. The system is broken. It needs to be fixed. The only way to tell Emmy voters that, is to stop watching the Emmy Awards.

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